Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 92 - Three Zone Conferences & New Missionaries Arrive.

August 15, 2016Hello Friends and Family!

This week was a terrible week. Just kidding, it was wonderful as always...I´m just trying to shake things up a bit! :)

This week we had our first of three zone conferences and it was wonderful! Almost the whole conference was on three attributes of Jesus Christ (from Chapter 6 of Preach my Gospel) which were Faith, Hope, Charity/Love (okay, that´s kinda four...). It was WONDERFUL! We learned so much and we were all spiritually fed. I learned a lot about the importance of these attributes! Our Mission President and his wife are so amazing!

Today we went early in the morning to the Mexico MTC to pick up an Elder that will be in our mission waiting for his Visa to go to Denver, Colorado. It was my first time in the Mexico MTC and it is AWESOME!! I think there is more security there than in any government building took us about 20 minutes to get approval to go in haha! What a beautiful place it is! It has such a wonderful spirit to it and lots of nature (trees, bushes, air, etc.) Fun to get to go there once!

We brought Elder Coronado here to the offices where he met our President and his new companion. He is going to be a wonderful missionary, I can tell!

My companion and I will be heading to President´s house today in a couple hours with two missionaries that are going home a week before the transfer because their visas are going to expire! That should be a fun experience!

Well, I love you all so much! I know this is the work of the Lord and I pray for you often! Thank you all again for the emails, letters, love, and support!


Elder Davies

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