Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 89 - "Bienvenido!" - Day of Rest and Tithing talk... twice?

July 25, 2016
Dearest Friends and Family,

What a wonderful and busy week it has been! We did interchanges with three of the Zone Leader companionships and it was great! Our new way of doing interchanges is having both Zone Leaders come to our area and we split up, work they day there, then all sleep in our house. It has been a great experience to get to learn A LOT from all these missionaries! I´ve enjoyed them a lot!

We went with a referral from the Visitors´ Center and he is SO receptive and wonderful! When we knocked on his door he let us in RIGHT away and took us out to his garden (NO one has a garden here...). His name is Pedro! He shared with us how he had decided to go to the Visitors´ Center after visiting the hospital that is right next to the Temple and he loved what he learned there. The Sisters who gave him the tour sent him an email with some Mormon Messages to watch and he said that one night he was watching them and, after he finished, went to go to sleep. As he was walking down the hall to his room he heard a woman´s voice that said, "Bienvenido!" ("Welcome!") He took that as a good sign! I think the Sisters of our ward might continue teaching him but we will keep you updated!

David was confirmed this week and it was wonderful! He was very excited and has been sharing the Gospel with his mom and his niece (who he brought with him to church!).

My companion and I got to speak on Sunday and when we showed up we realized that Elder Benjamin De Hoyos (Seventy and our Area President) was there presiding so he got to hear our talks. The only problem was they hadn´t assigned us talks so I just decided to speak on the Day of Rest or Tithing. That became a problem when the first two sisters that spoke got up and spoke about the Day of Rest and Tithing...awkward. I spoke about repentance and I think it was okay! President De Hoyos came up and congratulated us after so that was cool. I have actually met him a few times before and so had my companion so we weren´t really even nervous, but it was a cool experience for sure!

Well folks, that´s all for this week! We are working hard to build up this area and find the Lord´s chosen to teach. We know they are out there, the trick is just FINDING them. Please pray for my companion and I to be inspired to be able to find those people!

I love you all!

Elder Davies

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