Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 90 - No time to sleep! Closest ever lived to a Temple... Even in South Jordan!

Hey friends and family!

It has been an incredibly busy week and P-day and EVERYTHING! There´s just no time to even sleep! I LOVE it!

This week we were looking for a lot of people and found few, but little by little we are getting new investigators! I love being so close to the Temple every day! It´s a beautiful thing living so close. I realized something...this is the CLOSEST I have ever resided to the temple EVER! Even in South Jordan I was still about 15 minutes walking from the temple! Wow! Who would have thought!
Our Mission President in LDS
Pamphlet :)

So we are teaching a man named Leon (that means Lion!) and he is wonderful! Due to an accident 6 years ago on an oil rig he is blind. It has been amazing to see how he gets everything done and manages to do all he needs to. I never have realized how much of a blessing it is to see. It´s just one of a million things we just always take for granted. Leon came with us to church yesterday and he love it! He is so receptive to the Holy Spirit and that has really helped him. We are going to get him the Book of Mormon CDs this week so he can start listening to the Book of Mormon and receive a witness that it´s true.

On another note, my mission President is famous! We got some copies of the new missionary pamphlets (but only in English haha!), and he is in them with his wife and his two kids! Some missionaries were flipping around one a couple days after he got here and told us he was in there! I´ll attach the picture from my phone!

This week I didn´t get to take a lot of pictures, I will try next week to get some more pictures! I love you all so much and thank you for the prayers and the emails! I appreciate the support!


Elder Davies

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