Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 88 - American Companion - My 1st! David's Baptism

July 18, 2016 Hi there loved ones!

I always say my weeks are very busy....but this was BY FAR the busiest week of my mission and I have loved every minute of it! I´m all settled in in my new house and we got all the things we were missing today in Walmart so I´m excited!

We had a lot of meetings this week (almost every day), and there are a lot of changes happening in the mission. I´m excited. Everyone is I think!

So let me tell you a little more about my companion! He is american! He´s from Texas actually! He´s a really great guy and we get along really well. English is hard. I´m learning how to pray in English again, so this is a good thing!

On Saturday we arranged a visit with the Riddle family and a non-member lady they brought (she is teaching English here in Mexico with Mariah and Kayla). Elder Tribett and his companion went to teach them and we had been looking for a triple combination in English and I found one in my new house while they were in the tour so I took it to the offices and Elder Tribett came and got it! He came with his companion and Brother Riddle so I got to see him and take a picture! Fun stuff! Nice to see familiar faces.

Yesterday David was baptized! He is a great guy and is just so excited. He will be a wonderful member and I´m excited to get to know him better and work with him. My companion baptized him and I baptized an investigator of the Sisters, Leonor. Leonor is an elderly lady who can´t read or right but she is WONDERFUL! My companion and I baptized her together and we had her on a seat and COULDN´T quite get him under...but we ended up just kinda holding her in the water and then baptizing her again! The water was SO cold! We felt so bad but we had problems with the boiler. She was great about it though!

Today we had our Zone activity and it was a lot of fun! We did a relay race mixed with a scavenger hunt type thing that was very fun! And then said goodbye to the Anthonys! They have been our mission secretaries and have been SO wonderful! They have taken great care of us and Sister Anthony´s American food has been something that has really made life a lot better! They will be missed!

Thanks for all your love and support. I appreciate the prayers. I can feel them all the way here in Mexico and we are seeing the blessings!

Elder Davies


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