Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week 98 - Short but... short :) Companion's last P-Day

Preparation Day Hike - Mountain overlooking Mexico City

Hey Family!!

It was a great week this week! Our baptism fell through on Saturday but we are hoping for a few this weekend between sessions of General Conference!

This was my companion´s last P-day so we were running around trying to get the last little things he needed so sorry for not writing a lot!

The church is true!


Elder Davies

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 97 - Fireworks! (Mexico Independence Day), Baptismal Challenge & A Moutain Hike

Elder Tribett and Elder Jensen heading home!
Sep 20, 2016

Hola Amigos y Familiares,

I just had to say that to prove that I have learned some Spanish in the months I've been here! It´s coming along!

This was a FULL week! Lot´s of fun things have happened!

On Thursday night it was Mexico´s independence day (well, the night before is when they celebrate it) so that was exciting! Around where we live the people do something we do on Independence Day...FIREWORKS! They like them a LOT! But they are the bomb kind...and actually they shoot them off year round in this colony when they celebrate a saint or some special day...EVERYONE was lighting off fireworks! As I was walking down the street in divisions we saw a mom with two children. One of them was stooped down and he had a bunch of little fireworks and was putting all the wicks in the middle to light them all. He could not have been older than 2 years old because he looked up at his mom who was holding a little baby and said something but he was so little he COULDN'T EVEN TALK! And he lit the fireworks! Gotta get em started off young! Mom, I was like that a little bit too, right?

On Friday we took Elder Tribett and Elder Jensen to the airport! It was really sad to see them go but they have been great missionaries and I know that they will keep up the good work at home!

On Saturday the Stake President came with us to visit Estela! She is so great. She has over a year listening to the missionaries (I was teaching her when I was here over a year ago!) but she still hasn't been baptized...actually, she has finished the Book of Mormon! It´s baptism time. We invited her to be baptized on Saturday and she is still not sure about it but we will see what we can do! She still hasn't accepted but she will be having her baptismal interview on Friday so please pray that that all works out!

Sunday was an eventful day! We were in Principles of the Gospel and I got a phone call that one of the Senior missionaries needed to go to the Hospital! We ran up the office building and found him with his wife. He was delirious and throwing up, but thanks to President De La Peña (1st Counselor in the Mission Presidency) we were able to get him to a Hospital as fast as we could. He was in critical care for a few hours and my companion and I slept there with him at the Hospital so his wife could get some rest! The good news is he is doing a lot better and is still in the hospital but recovering very well. There´s just never a dull moment in the mission!

Trip to the "hills" above Mexico City
Today we went to the furthest part of the mission (which isn't that far for our small mission!) and climbed this AWESOME hill! There is a giant cross on top and it has a great view! It felt good to get some fresh(ish) air up there with all those trees and cactus! I felt right at home!

Things have been going very well and we have been busy as every with my companion in his last couple of weeks of his mission!

I love you all and hope you are doing well! Thank you for all the wonderful emails! 


Elder Davies

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 96 - Patriarch Lifferth Surprize! "I love this culture. And I LOOOVE tacos"

Hello friends and family!!

South Jordan Patriarch : The Lifferth's!
This week has been quite the week! On Wednesday - while in a coordination meeting in the Visitors' Center with the Sister missionaries of our ward - in walked my Patriarch from South Jordan and his wife! It was so wonderful to run into them at the Mexico City Temple! We got to talk for a few minutes and he told me that he had served in Mexico City over 45 years ago and the people that were with him were his converts from one of the Stakes in our mission! Wow! He told me that his first area was in San Pedro el Chico, on of the colonies that I am working in right now that is in our ward! What a small world!!

On Friday night we had our Stake party for the 15th of September (Independence Day) and it was AWESOME! They went all out! It looked like a concert outside the Stake Center! It was great to have some investigators and converts there to enjoy a lot of time together eating and watching some cultural dance here from Mexico! I am pretty much Mexican now, just so y'all know! I absolutely love this culture! And I love tacos! I LOOOVE tacos...

Sunday was great. A few of our investigators made it to church and loved it! My companion and I were invited by the Stake President to the Stake Council and all of the brothers and sisters with Stake assignments got to together and made a missionary campaign for the Stake! It is wonderful. It's called #ViveLaExperiencia (#LiveTheExperience) and it focuses on encouraging all of the members to live the experience of sharing he Gospel to friends, family, and neighbors. It is going to be fantastic!

Yesterday we planned to paint a recent convert's house with the Sister Missionaries but at the last minute they had to cancel on us. Coming out of lunch with the Sisters we decided to pray to know who else we could serve for the time we had planned to do so. Immediately one of our investigators name's came to my mind and after a moment my companion said her name too so we went right away!

When we got there (and the Sisters went to a quick appointment) we talked for about 45 minutes and she opened up her heart to us. She explained why she hadn't been baptized and how she really felt about everything we taught. She has read the entire Book of Mormon and knows it's true but some very specific things were holding her back (things that we are absolutely going to be able to fix!).

After talking we explained to her the real reason why we had come...SERVICE! Reluctantly she accepted and turns out she needed help with getting some sheet metal and other materials organized into a water-proof shed and we were able to get EVERYTHING together in under an hour and a half with the help of the Sister Missionaries!

The moral of the story is even when we don't know exactly who needs our help... God does! Whenever you want to know, just go ahead and ask him! If you ask with a real desire to help and a little faith, He'll answer! I promise

I love this Gospel and I know it's true! Keep moving forward, I love you all


Elder Davies