Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 86 - Happy 4th of July from Mexico City!

Leadership Conference with new Mission President - 4th of July in Mexico!

Dear Friends and Family and AMERICA,

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!! I've becoming so patriotic recently. I love America. And Today is America´s 240th Birthday so I hope ya´ll are out on the grill and lighting off fireworks today!

We had a barbeque today with a bunch of Elders and President Naumann, our new mission President, and his family. The food was DELICIOUS! I have never had so much American food in Mexico, this probably even beats Thanksgiving dinner last year with the Anthonys. The Anthonys helped us get everything together and Elder Anthony was our grill-master for the day. I love America. I´ve been a little sick so I couldn´t really enjoy all the food I would have wanted to eat but I got a good burger and some of Sister Anthony´s famous baked beans! MMmmmmmm!! #Merica

This week has been an eventful week! On Tuesday I had divisions with Elder Tribett (we were also together in Aragon, so I know him!) and we got to work hard and teach a lot of people. On Wednesday morning we helped some Elders change houses and their new house had wide open windows to the street...so they sent us to buy curtains in HOME DEPOT! That was another beautiful American Moment this week! It was super weird being in a mall in Home Depot on a Wednesday though...I love Home Depot with all my heart. I could live there. #Merica

We met the new President for the first time on Wednesday when we were leaving some extra beds from the move in the mission offices. President Naumann is a young, energetic, smart man who has a wonderful family. He is also extremely intelligent. We had a leadership council with him on Friday that was spectacular. We´re all excited for the growth that will happen in the mission.

Well, go make yourselves a burger and put on some patriotic music because today is a wonderful day. I´m grateful to be in the Lord´s service and I know that this is HIS work! Faustino blessed the sacrament for the second time this week and did wonderfully! Aaron received the Priesthood on Sunday and will be doing visits with us today!

Love you all,

Elder Davies