Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 33 - Ukulele! Greenie, & Motorbike taxi in the rain :)

With new "Greenie" Companion in their new apartment in a new area.
So pretty much "new" is a theme here :)

Hola familia y amigos y otras personas!! (Dad Translation: Hello Family, friends & other people... so who are the other people? not friends? HAHA)

How are you all?! This week was FANTASTIC!

So my companion and I have just been running around like crazy trying to get to know the area, the members, the investigators, and contacting new people! It's great! We spent a little time on the phone yesterday just calling members from the list to go visit, but now we know enough people and places to get around! Our area is the best. There is a nasty canal here too, just it doesn't usually have water unless it rains, so I took a picture of that delightful canal that I have the wonderful opportunity of crossing every day. #Mexico

Tour of their new apartment

Church yesterday was great, the ward was happy to see us and we had a pretty good turn out. There are two other Elders in our ward, Elder Maluia from Utah and Elder Perez from Campeche, Mexico. Two Elders in my district have been really really sick so we have been running around and their comps have been on divisions working in their two areas and it has just been a wild experience, but lots of fun!

We got a text reference last week and we went and found a guy named José! He is a great guy! He was super excited to listen to us and we put a baptismal date with him for the 26th of July and he said, "Okay perfect. And what time will the baptism be?" He said this is his 3rd baptism (the other two were in other Christian churches)...so we are gonna have to really work hard to help him understand that it isn't something you just do a bunch or whenever you have sinned a little, but it's something you just do once with the right authority and you're good to go if you keep the promise you're making to be baptized! He couldn't come to church, but we are gonna go visit him today and see how he is! Pray for him please!

Stinky Canal - Centro & MotoTaxi in the Rain!

So I realized something...with every new companion I've received I've gone to a new area...I'm kinda used to starting from nothing but I actually really like it because I really like the organizational part of the mission so I'm working on make some good maps we can put on the wall and also updating the area book, CLEANING THE STINKING HOUSE! Wow, there is so much stuff here that other missionaries have left! There are over 50 ties. I feel like I'm in DI when I walk through the closet, and no, that wasn't a typo, I literally have to walk through the closet to get to the bedroom. #Mexico

Kitchen in new apartment
But the coolest thing I found in the house was a RUGBY BALL the other Elder left when he went home! It was under the stove....so not sure if it was intentional or what, but I'm stoked. Just need to pump it up!

Today for P-day I went with the Zone Leaders, the Secretaries, and two sisters in my district to the Centro to buy a ukulele. I am super duper stoked, I have always wanted one of these! Our Zone Leader, Elder Hicks, also bought one and his companion already had one, so I think we are gonna start a ukulele band and get famous. Oh! And Elder Maluia who was born in Somoa also has one, so there ya go! The centro is SO cool, I took some more pictures! The main road where everyone walks is the mission boundaries, so we see other missionaries from the West mission that are on that side and that's the only part where we can both meet haha but we saw a few from the West mission! 

We had to come back RUNNING from the Centro because it starting raining and we took a long time picking Ukuleles so my companion and I took a MotoTaxi, it was nuts. It's a motor cycle with a little carriage on the back. It's like a BiciTaxi but with a motorcycle. I don't know WHY we don't have those in the states. Someone get on that!

Well I love you guys hope you all have a GREAT week and I look forward to hearing from you all soon! The church is true!

-Elder Davies

This is the "Stinky" canal they have to cross each day (open sewer)
Their walk in closet they go through to bedroom
Kelson says this is his biggest apartment so far!
Their study room
A trip with their district to El Centro (downtown) to buy the Ukuleles

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