Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 31: The Fair, new phone & football sized Torta

Just in case you forgot who this is...

Hey family and friends and fans!

This week has been CRAZY! Just really busy and a lot of fun! Hey and next week we have changes and so P-day will be on Wednesday, so don't freak out if I don't right, the chances are pretty good that I'm not dead, it's just that P-day is Wednesday. REALLY good chances of that.

Night picture from the web of "La Feria" in Mexico City
A quick search on reviews shows many concerns about the age of the
rides and safety concerns :P
So I don't know why but in our area right now there are two fairs. They are the scariest thing I have ever seen. You know the creepy abandoned fairs in every single scary movie ever? The one with the ferris wheel? That is exactly what it looks like, it is horrifying. Haha! I saw it at night with all the lights and a million people and it actually looked pretty cool, but the rides are SO sketchy, they are all super old and I would never EVER put my kids on those rides, but I don't have kids.

So we went to the offices to get our phone fixed because it was always just turning off and we were missing calls and it didn't let us know, so we got a new one. While we were there waiting, I got to help the Senior Couple there (Elder and Sister Anthony from Utah!) do some work and Elder Anthony bought us Tortas. It was the biggest Torta I have EVER seen. I am SO sorry I didn't take a picture, I will go back and take a picture of one. It was like the size of a football but not as round, but there was SO much meat, I don't know how I ate it. And it cost like $3 USD. I love Mexico.
A Mexican "Torta" which is a huge sandwich like creation
with meats, eggs, cheese and... whatever!

So this week is FATHER'S DAY! Happy Father's day to the best dad I have ever had on this earth! You are so great and you're sense of humor is amazing. Thanks for that, the sense of humor you have always had and have made me have in my life has helped a whole lot in the mission. When things are just terrible I can just laugh about it and that is the best! But things never stay terrible, because I'm on a mission and I LOVE MEXICO.

So Diana. I talked about her last week in my letter. She is super escogida (translates to 'chosen' which means 'golden" in other missions & languages). She came to church and stayed for all three classes and was like LOVING it! All the talks were about Temples and Family History so we got her going on that! She is so great. I'm super excited for her!
Oops!  Broken umbrella. Now that is extreme weather in Mexico!

We are going to have to let a lot of investigators go this week. I'm not good at that because I always have hope for them, but I'm seeing that I need to leave the people who are not willing to progress for OTHER missionaries in the future and just work with the people who are willing to make the changes now. There are people in all stages of learning and willingness, and I'm learning that the key is to work with the people who are progressing and make sure to leave good information for the next Elders so they can teach the ones that just aren't ready yet. We'll see how this goes! We haven't had a single baptism here in this area, so we are taking a big step back to see what we can do better.

Well I love you all so much! Here's some P-day pictures I took today, they are pretty sweet. Mom, it's not as dangerous as it looks, honest!

-Elder Davies

Dad Note:  Apparently Elder Davies & Pezantes decided to do some one arm hand stands... or maybe they have taken up break dancing on a roof? HAHA But I am not complaining. Love pictures of him and Mexcio!  Not sure of the context of some of these pictures. I see the new phone he spoke about... but here they are!

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  1. Much love to you, Elder Davies. We appreciate your service.