Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 29: With wonder, amazement and.... cholera? Hmmm...

A picture of Kelson earlier in his Mission
Hey friends and family and other people!

Yesterday in church they announced that Elder L. Tom Perry had past away, we hadn't heard yet so that was a sad but he left behind a grand legacy of a faithful servant of the Lord. Just recently our Mission President, President Anaya, had us all read and study one of Elder Perry´s General Conference talk on Raising the Bar for Missionaries. It is a FANTASTIC talk, those of you who are missionaries and those of you who are not (that is all of you) should read or listen to this talk! He sure will be missed!
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I had splits with the Zone Leaders and then two Elder in my District, Elder Rios and Elder Guillén (from Bolivia) who I actually knew a lot before because he was Zone Leader with my trainer´s best friend so we did a few things together on P-day like when we hiked that giant mountain in February I the time flies so fast! It´s already June! The splits were great, learned a lot from all of them and had some fun! It was weird not being with my companion for so long but we have a couple more splits to do this week so we will see how that goes! Funny joke Élder Guillén told it really isn't as funny in English as it is in Spanish but her goes! So a guy wakes up from Surgery and says, "Hey Doctor, how´d the surgery go?"..."I´m not a doctor, I'm Saint Peter." Hahaha not that funny, but hey I'm desperate. Send me a good joke please.

Snow Bros Arcade Machine
So there is this arcade game that my brother Kyler and I used to play on our computer for like hours when we were kids and it´s called Snow Bros, well that game was being played on an arcade game in the street and that took my back like crazy! That game was AWESOME!

So here are some funny things that happened this week: We were going to the Mall where Walmart is and as we pulled up in the Combi (That's the creepy white vans that you put like 20 people into) and we passed a sign that said, "Exclusive Entrance to 'Authorized' Public Transport", so I laughed a lot because there was a website Elder Slade and I used to go onto that just had wrong uses of quotation marks and I think they are hilarious! Haha I remember one said "Pregnant People" please wait "here". Like what?! What are you trying to tell me?!
"Combi" Van in Mexico City. These are like group taxi :)
Another moment sorry about this one it's a little strange...but ya'll know what Cholera is, right? That's the disease you get in the Oregon Trail video game and then you die...anyway, apparently that word in Spanish which means the SAME disease is interchangeable with angry, so in Mosiah 13:8 after Abinidi teaches the wicked King Noah and his Priests that they are condemned Abinidi says (in my Spanish to English translation), "Yea, and my words fill you with wonder and amazement, and with cholera." Those are some pretty strong words...woah...Sorry about that one, just had a moment there.

Things are good here in Jardines, we are working hard and trying to get people to progress which is SO DIFFICULT! We haven't had a baptism the whole time we have been here so we have strarted dropping a lot of investigators that aren't progressing and we are searching for some new ones! Pray for us and the people we will find and teach!

I love you all so much and I hope you are all happy and well! Thank you all for the inspiring emails and I'm glad you are having some cool experiences with the 40-day Book of Mormon challenge!

-Elder Davies
From another missionary's pics: Mexican Currency. Apx $48 US
Another missionary took this picture of the area. Very colorful!
Panaderia: Pan Duro or Hard Bread is a common treat in Mexico City

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