Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Week 32 - Training! A transfer and a flood

Kelson is Training!  This is his new companion - Fresh from the MTC
(I wonder if he still has that new missionary smell? HAHA)
Hey everyone!

So nothing really has happened this week.

Except our house flooded during church, I spoke in church, a member made me apple pie and hot dogs, I took a shower with a giant jug of water because we had no water, and I had transfers. AND I'M TRAINING! Okay, this week has been eventful.

FIRST of all!! Let me tell you about my Hijo! My companion, Élder Arenas, is from Saltillo in the Mexican State of Coahuila! He is super great! He loves singing and he is just super stoked to be here! They called me on Wednesday and said I was gonna train and I was SOOO stoked. We came to an area here in the Azteca ward in the Aragon Stake, which is the stake where the TEMPLE is! I´m finally in the Federal District! It's a bit of different world here. Mom, you don't have to worry about me anymore. Haha just kidding Mexico City is like the safest mission I know of. No one say anything.

So a family here, the Pliego Perales family, loved Elder Pesantez and I. We had worked a lot with their grandson David who wasn´t a member, and they made me APPLE PIE! I felt like I as in America. That was crazy! They also made us some cool paper shirts with our nametags, that was awesome! Gonna miss that family!

The Perales Family made them shirts and nametags :)
So our water went out on Saturday and Sunday morning there still wasn't water...and we only had the jug of drinking water which was super expensive (not really, $2 USD but that is a fortune for a missionary)...but I wanted to shower so I used it to shower hahahaha I felt like a rich man! Haha!

Hanging out their wet stuff from the flood. OOPS!
I gave a talk in church about the Sabbath day and while the Spirit filled the chapel, water filled our apartment. :/ Apparently the tap was left open where we wash our dishes.  Neither of us remember opening it...but we missed a call at 10:30 and at 11:30.  We finally saw it and called our Landlord (a member) and she said, "Your house is full of water!" That is a fun thing to hear hahaha! We ran with the Ward Mission Leader (not ran, we went in his car) and sure enough the street was just full of water hahahaha.

EVERYTHING was wet! There was like 8 inches of water, and our suitcases were just full of stuff. I had to throw out a few things, but not much. We put everything on the roof to dry, so everything is fine now but it was definitely a fiasco. I just laughed the whole time.  There is something the mission does to you. Nothing makes you upset. I can literally remember TWO times when I was SUPER angry, and one of them was when I was breaking the ice our of our old  Fridge hahahahaha good times, life is good. I finished the Book of Mormon Saturday night in the 40 day challenge I did with my family and friends, and good thing because I was VERY busy Sunday getting everything dry and organized!

We had to leave our investigators in church because of the flood, but we had FIVE this week! That was so great! Diana, Francisca, Sergio, David, and Bertha! They are all probably gonna get baptized this month, I'm so excited for them! I didn't get to baptize a single person in the 2 and a half months I was in Jardines, but I know I did good, hard work. There was a moment when I looked back and thought I had failed, but I know this work isn't mine, it's the Lord´s, and to him it doesn't matter who is the servant. I am just glad I got to know some of these great people!

This guy was wearing Kelson's mom's favorite shoes. Noni
has a pair exactly like this that she loves (for years!)
HAHA funny story real quick! So my mom  has these white Reebok shoes that she has had for like 15 years and she LOVED them and wore them in the house like they were slippers, so that's like a part of my childhood and I have seen them 4 times here on the mission. One was with an old lady in Jardines that brought them from Utah, one was a young lady walking in a market, and TWO WERE DUDES! I literally started LAUGHING when I saw this guy wearing them in a combi I was like THOSE ARE CLEARLY WOMAN SHOES!!!!! This last time I was in a Micro (bus) and I HAD to take a picture and I'm a NINJA. I was on divisions with the Zone Leaders and he was laughing with me and I was like maybe I should tell him, "Hey, I LOVE your shoes! My mom has the SAME ones!!" Haha!! Love you mom, and I miss your shoes! Haha!

So on Monday we went to the temple to get my Hijo! (Dad Note: Hijo means 'child' or 'son' and that is what they call a 'Greenie' or a new missionary just starting their mission)  They all came and they announced the companionships. I was behind the Assistant (because we were in a big circle) so I saw my name and next to my name "Abr." which I knew meant "Abrir" or "Open Area". I told Elder Gallardo after I saw his paper and he just laughed. I'm pretty stoked to be opening and area again. The Elders who were here both went home a week ago so they closed the area and gave all the area to the other Areas here in the ward, but last minute they decided to open it again and threw us in here!

His new Apartment. Not the Pink or Green, darn it!

THE HOUSE IS SO COOL!!! There are 2 floors and a half covered third floor, the first floor isn't ours and is in renovation. The house is HUGE! It is literally 10 times the size of our old house and we have it ALL to ourselves. Upstairs is super awesome, we have a place to hang out laundry inside and outside and we have a giant driveway and I wish I could play hockey there...I looked at hockey sticks today but they were WAY expensive so I decided against that hahaha!  The house IS really big..but it was FULL of things...because the Elders went home they left like half their stuff, there a lot of things there.  We have just been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. It´s great. I'm good at cleaning now mom!

Well things are just fantastic here! I am the District leader here and there are 4 other companionships in my District...It´s pretty crazy! And ELDER HICKS is my Zone Leader! I'm super stoked. Elder  Hicks and I were District Leaders in our other Zone and we get along really well. He had a great testimony and he is hilarious. He knows how to teach and how to bring the Spirit. We are gonna have some fun here!!

-Elder Davies

Here´s a picture of my Hijo, Élder Arenas!

And a picture of a bunch of our stuff drying on the roof....

Kelson's old District in Jardines. Elder Pezantes is the bottom Right.
Being Goofy

Paper Shirt & Name Tag made from a family in old Area
Flooded apartment - Hanging clothes to dry!

Either his old or new apartment - we aren't sure :)

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