Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 30 - National Elections and Umbrella Street Contacts?

Hey everyone!

How are ya´ll?? Things are just so great here in Mexico. I LOVE Mexico. It's just like the US really, just completely different in every way.

So this week my companion and I went and helped a brother in our ward lower a 225 pound gas tank from his roof along with a bunch of other old iron to sell to the recyclers. And how is it that we took a giant gas tank, 15 foot by 12 foot sheets of iron, and a bunch of other random iron car parts to the recyclers? Davies style. That's right! With a MINIVAN! I was so stoked because my companion was obviously a little confused how we were gonna get ALL that stuff in and on that minivan but I had no doubts. I know how to minivan. I felt right back at home with my daddy!!

So they have rules that we can't call Elders outside of our own District, but this week I called a lot of people outside the Zone and the mission. It rained REALLY hard on Friday, and I have all the Elders´ numbers saved in our phone, so I called the Elders in the ward Estrella and they answered and I asked if they were in their house and he´s like who are you?! And I was like who are YOU?! And turns out I talked to some other Elders in the mission...well long story short every time I tried to called the Elders in Estrella someone else answered, and yesterday the Elders were from another mission in Mexico hahahaha the Elder was from Sandy though so that was cool! That was a bit of an interesting experience haha!

National Police officer stands outside of polling station on
street in Mexico City. 8 Candidates have been murdered and
9 Campaign Officials have been killed in election violence
We got a reference a couple weeks ago for someone named Diana and finally found her this week at her house! She is so awesome! She has already been to church once and she is so down to come with us church! I'm really excited for her and I am hoping and praying she progresses. Yesterday were the national elections here in Mexico so a lot of people had to go work at the voting booths for their political parties, so Diana couldn't come this week but she said she will this week and we have an appointment with her on Friday! Also met a guy knocking doors named Guillermo and he said he already had a Book of Mormon that belonged to his dad before he died and we were like do you wanna get baptized? And he said yes. So we will see if he comes to church! We put a baptismal date for him for the 5th of July, but we will see if he is willing to come to church! That is the hardest thing...please pray for our investigators that they can get all their work and family stuff worked out so they can come to church!

We talked to a member's husband who isn´t a member about the Restoration and after we told him he had to find out for himself by doing what Joseph Smith did and asking God. I asked him what would keep him from praying and he said he is afraid to get an answer and then get baptized and then just stop going to church...we explained that our conversion and testimony were like seeds that needed to be cared for but if we receive an answer and keep working at it, we will NEVER fall away, and he still just didn't want to pray. He said he is happy where he is at, but I was REALLY direct with him and I think one day he might just pray and get an answer if he is willing to pray and listen! We'll see!
Umbrella Sharing: A new way to street contact?

So I discovered this amazing new way to contact and give service at the same time. I call it the rain contact. When it all the sudden starts raining super hard some people just hide under whatever they can to keep dry so we just come along with our umbrella and we are like, "Hey, where do you live? No way! We are going that way right now!" Then we just go with them! It is amazing and they get to listen to us the whole time we walk! Haha! There were two teenage girls the other day stuck like that, but I gave them my umbrella and shared with my companion so that wouldn't be weird...but we still contacted them and they were grateful and maybe we will get to visit them again some day! This type of contacting reminds me of what we did in Nauvoo when it started raining hard and everyone went under the tents and we just got to get so many references from them hahaha!

So this guy Fernando (that I had NEVER seen before) came up to me in the street and asked me where the Twin Towers were...I thought he was making some dumb anti-american comment about us getting bombed but then he clarified he was talking about two HUGE white Elders that were in the area like a year ago and I just laughed a lot hahahaha! Then he said his wife went to church a few times and listened to the missionaries but was super sick now. We offered to visit him and he said, "No, I have too many dogs. It's impossible." We kept asking and he kept saying no so we said goodbye and then the next day I saw him walking into his house and holy puppies...there were literally like 50 dogs. It was all he could do to shove himself through the door amidst them all barking and freaking out. I have NEVER seen so many dogs in so small of a space. I think he has more dogs in his house than there are in the whole neighborhood hahaha.

Well I love you all so much and I hope you all are doing so well! Thank you so much for the wonderful emails and the support! Means the world!

-Elder Davies

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