Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 60 - The big 6-0! New Years in Mexico

Adriana's family at the Temple Visitor Center Sunday night

Hey Friends and Family!!

I´m so sorry I haven´t written you all since last year....

That was a dumb joke, sorry.

This week was a good week! Even though it was New Years Eve we managed to have a very successful week! On New Years most people were busy but I was far busier than I was last time this year, not sure why! My companion and I bought Sangria (a red non-alcoholic version of another drink!) and drank it at 10:30 before sleeping but we woke up at 12 because some Elders called us to wish us a Happy New Year haha and everyone was just yelling outside! I really didn't believe it was New Years until we were eating at a restaurant with the family who gave us lunch and I saw the count down on TV in New York or somewhere in the States...I was like what?
Bowling for a Preparation Day activity
Today for P-day we went bowling and that was way fun! Bowling just feels like America! I couldn't stop thinking of Jim Gaffigan and how he talked about bowling as his favorite sports because it´s the only one that, while you´re playing, you can eat nachos! Yes!! Didn't eat nachos though...

So our investigadores are coming along really great! Ruperto and Adriana BOTH came to church this week and they loved it! They were really into the Gospel Principles class my companion and I had to give and then later that night they came to the Visitors´ Center and we taught them the whole Restoration! The hard thing is we can ONLY teach them on Sundays because they work ALL week, but we are making progress! There baptism got pushed out to February because they need to get divorced and then married to each other, but we have faith it will all work out!

Everything is great here in good ol´ Mexico! I hope you all have a wonderful week and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Elder Davies

P.S. I think that´s Katy Perry photo-bombing us in the back of the first picture...but I just don´t know what any celebrities look like anymore, so someone tell me! Thanks a bunch!

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