Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week 59 - Silent Night on Ukulele video, Carls Jr & Danna's Baptism!

Zone Conference and Temple Visit!
Hola Family and Friends!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! This week has been fantastic!
On Tuesday, half of the mission had our Christmas Activity. We had the opportunity to enter the Temple in the morning which was AMAZING!! We took lots of pictures, so enjoy those! After the Temple we went to the Aragón stake center and had a program where all the missionaries did songs and talents by zone and a few individuals and it was a lot of fun!

Silent Night - Kelson on Ukulele and singing :)

I actually played Silent Night on the Ukulele with Elder Williams from another zone and it was lots of fun but we couldn´t really practice till during the program so I kinda didn´t know the second verse so I just kinda mixed it with the third verse...I always do that, don´t I? It´s alright...everyone speaks Spanish, my companion said no one noticed...haha!
Hot Chocolate and Referrals - Zone Activity was a success!
On Wednesday night we had our Zone Activity! We got permission to not do it on Monday during P-day a few weeks ago to do a proselyting activity! We made a giant cauldron of Hot Chocolate and gave it out in front of the Hospital next to the temple and gave out cards of "A Savior is Born" and got some great referrals! It was so fantastic, we had a LOT of success and gave out a TON of chocolate!

Christmas Eve was fantastic! Here in Mexico, the big celebration isn't Christmas Day, it's the 24th in the night where they have a HUGE dinner and get drunk and all that fun stuff! But the members don´t get drunk, so don't you worry about that! We are teaching a man named Gabriel who is homeless, so we went and say him on Christmas Eve because everyone was busy...and we had a great lesson! We are trying to help him not smoke and drink so he can be baptized in January! He has actually already been to church a lot but hasn't been able to give up smoking and drinking, so pray for him! After we finished with him we went to the Stake Center to see if the baptismal font needed to be cleaned and on the way there as we passed the Visitors´ Center a lady got out of a taxi and she asked if she could go in the Temple Square to see the lights. The one day of the year when Temple Square is closed is from 3PM the 24th of December till 3PM on the 25th, and that is when she came! We talked to the security guards and they opened it up and gave us 15 minutes to go in and show her all the Christmas lights! Her name was Dana. We began immediately teaching her the Restoration, and she explained that she had been looking for these answers for so long. She has Pneumonia and every time she has tried to come to the Temple she has gotten REALLY sick but she was SO glad she came and we were so glad we found her there! She lives far away, but we are going to get her hooked up with the missionaries there!!
On Christmas Eve, we pulled out our beds and slept by our $7 Christmas tree, and that was awesome!! 

On Christmas day I got to talk to my beautiful family!! We skyped from the mission offices and when I started my call there were like 6 missionaries watching to see my family and what was our surprise when my 3 older brothers were in Luchador masks and my dad in a BYU poncho HAHAHAHA!!! I just died of laughter and so did everyone else! I love my family. We put the "fun" in "dysfunctional"! HAHA!

Also I found out in that skype call home that I will be the Uncle of a BABY GIRL!!! WAHOO!!! Mom and Dad, I hope you feel old because you´re gonna be GRANDPARENTS and I´m never going to stop calling you Grandma and Grandpa! HAHA!

On Saturday Danna Paola got Baptised! Wahoo!! It was a beautiful baptism and our convert of 1 month, Axel, got to baptize her! I was able to confirm her on Sunday and Axel blessed the sacrament for the first time! There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing someone get baptized...and the only thing that really compares is seeing someone who was just baptized baptize someone else!
Danna's Baptism
Well I love you all so much, I hope you have a GREAT week and......

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Make some good New Year´s Resolutions and let´s see how many days we can keep them all!

With Love,

Elder Davies
P.S. Today I ate CARLS JUNIOR!!! MMMMmmmm!!!

Tastes like home!
Missions make you HAPPY!
Yep, sure need the roof rack for this huge tree. HAHA!

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