Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 63 - I have my own Bathroom. I´M THE KING OF MEXICO!!!

New Area, New Companion!
Hello my beloved friends and family!

So sorry about the short email last week, I´ll try to make up for that this week!

So my new area is in a ward called Pradera in the Vergel Stake. My ward boundaries actually touch my old ward, Allende where the Temple is, but on the southwest side. I´m still about 10 minutes in a bus to get to the temple, but still REALLY close! On the other side of the highway to my east is my first zone, Plazas!! My first ward was Bosques in Anahuac and the ward below us actually shares a chapel with them! Fun to be so close to everything! 

The house is actually a really nice house. It´s on the second floor, we have our own little entrance and little staircase! The only problem was it´s just really got a lot of junk, dirty, etc. Actually my companion and I cleaned the house the WHOLE P-day except for when we went to shop at a store owned by WalMart called Bodega Aurrerá. We bought a bunch of cleaning supplies and went AT it! The house is actually looking great. It has 3 bathrooms, two of them have showers! I HAVE MY OWN BATHROOM I´M THE KING OF MEXICO!!! I feel so rich. We need to clean the bathrooms though...I've been working on that! The house has a little kitchen, a dining room (both with really ugly old tile) and a study room, 2 bedrooms each with a bathroom and a little bathroom in the hall. It´s bigger than my other apartment for sure! Just a little old...but I´ve got the bedroom feeling like home now!

My last house was one of the only houses in the mission with a laundry machine, so we rent one here. I didn't know that was possible, so I´m glad I found out now! We call a guy and he comes by at 7AM ish in the morning and will come back for it the next day. It´s just a round one we have to full up and drain with a house, but it is great! We pay 50 pesos for 24 hours with that bad boy so we are looking at $2.50 USD. WORTH IT!

Now let me tell you a little about my new COMPANION! Elder Pérez has almost 9 months in the mission and is from Jalisco! We realized that he and I have been in 4 zones and they are the SAME zones! And in two of the zones we have been in the same area! He was in Azteca, Aragón before I got there with the Elder I trained, Elder Arenas, and we are in this ward together! Oh, speaking of Elder Arenas, he trained an Elder named Elder Hernández and then Elder Hernández is training now! I´M A GREAT GRANDPA IN THE MISSION! I feel so blessed. I will maybe someday take a picture with all my posterity! (For those that may not understand, they have a tradition in the mission that you have a "child" when you train a new missionary. When he trains a new missionary, they you are a Grandpa, etc)

Back to Elder Pérez, he is the best! He had an accident a while back so he had leg surgery and the doctor messed up so he only has about 60% rotation in one of his legs, but he works hard! We have been working like crazy here in Vergel.

So we found a book (the previous) Elders left in the house and it had this really cool idea about how to get INTO houses when you knock on them using a 10-question survey and being really bold! Well, it WORKS! We knocked a door and said hi to the guy and explained we wanted to hear his opinion on some questions we had in a survey. He said yes so I said, "Okay, can we come in real quick?" We were so confident he just...let us in! So we got in, did the survey, and then just jumped into the first lesson with a prayer! And he accepted a baptismal date for the 21st of February! We invited him to church and he came at 8AM in the morning in the FREEZING cold! Stayed all three hours and loved it! His name is Sergio, so pray for Sergio that he can keep progressing!!

We are teaching a family called the Mares family and they are ready to be baptized! The parents need to get married though. Pray for them and I´m gonna see if I can pull some strings and get them married this weekend. Anything´s possible in Mexico! They are a Mom a Dad and 3 little girls, two of them are old enough to be baptized!

We had the chance to listen to the World-Wide Missionary Training this week which was INCREDIBLE! I learned a lot from our inspired leaders!

I love you all so much! I know that God lives and that he loves you, too. I know that Jesus is the Christ and that The Holy Spirit will testify of that to whichever person honestly seeks to know God. I love a scripture in John 17:3:

"And this is life eternalthat they might know thee the only true Godand Jesus Christ, 
thou hast sent."

Elder Davies
Elder Perez & Davies - Ready for action!

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