Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 57 - Tijuana Temple Dedication & a great big BUG :)

Kelson didn't send a picture this week of himself - so here is one from a year ago!
Hey Family and Friends!

How are you all? This week has been SO cool! Well on Wednesday night as we left our apartment building we found his crazy bug so I took a picture....that´s next to a 2 peso coin for all you American folk which is like a little bigger than a penny. It was crazy.

We found some good new people this week! Elder Gallardo and I have been working like crazy and loving it! We found a family their names are Ruperto and Adriana and they two little girls one is 3 years old the other is 3 months old and they are SO cute! They were walking outside the Visitors´ Center and their little girl said, "I want to go in and see Jesus!!" so they went in! They loved the order and organization of everything! We taught them some of the plan of Salvation on Sunday morning and they are excited to keep learning! We will go back with them next Sunday because they work all week but they also committed to come to church next week! YES!
Video of the fun bug Kelson found. Awesome!
 Also pray for Estela and Dana they are progressing and I hope we can help them be baptized before the New Year! They are so great!

So the 12th of December is the day the celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe which the Virgin Mary which returned to Mexico to a guy and now they all worship that got pretty crazy! They do pilgrimages to the Basilica, which is like the big Catholic church of the Virgin, and they get pretty into it! We saw thousands of people walking, on motorcycles, in trucks and cars, etc. There are even people that come from other states but they come CRAWLING ON THEIR KNEES! Wow! The best part of the Virgin day was all the fireworks. There were just a TON of those! I can´t complain. I never understood why we had the second commandment until I got here. How much clearer can it be? But I love the Mexican people!

Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe 2015
Virgin of Guadalupe Pilgrimage
Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe 2015
More pictures of the "Día De La Virgen De Guadalupe 2015"
As a lot of you know, the Temple of Tijuana was dedicated yesterday by President Uchtdorf and Elder Oaks! There were three dedicatory session and I loved every single one! I wish I could share all the wonderful things I learned but I just can´t! Axel our convert was there with us in the second session and that was so awesome! One of the stories I loved was a story President Uchtdorf told. I invite you all to read this story because it is very beautiful and very Christmassy! You can read the story here:

Tijuana Temple Dedication - Kelson got to see it at their Stake Center

Elder Oaks taught in the 3rd session about how we should seek revelation to understand the deep symbolism of the temple ceremonies. He said something like the temple ceremonies which were given by revelation must also be understood by revelation! Read Jacob 4:6-8, those scriptures also explain the importance of revelation!
Image for the news result
President Uchtdorf Dedicates the Tijuana Mexico Temple
Mormon News - 1 day ago
149th Temple in the World Is Dedicated in Tijuana, Mexico. 13th Mormon temple in Mexico.
President Uchtdorf in his last talk spoke of three experiences Jesus had in the temple that teach us what WE should do in the temple. The first was when he was a little boy and his family found him in the temple speaking with the religious leaders. He mentioned how more than anything, Jesus was asking questions and LISTENING. He learned line upon line as well in his youth the gospel, and we should seek to listen just as much as he did when we enter the temple. The second experience was when he found the money-changers in the temple and he cleansed and purified that holy house, the House of the Lord. Our bodies are also temples in which the Holy Ghost can dwell, but we must be also purified and cleansed. He said we will never be perfect, but a good indicator of our worthiness and cleanliness is how worthy we feel to have a current temple recommend. The third story took place little time before Jesus atoned for our sins. They asked Jesus what the great commandment of the Law was and he said we should love the Lord or God above all else and love our neighbors as ourselves. He asked to frequently ask ourselves questions such as "Do I love God? How do I manifest that love? Do I love my neighbors? How do I demonstrate that love?"

I love you all and I hope you enjoy your week! Make an effort to go to the Temple this week, there is no place more holy upon this earth then the very dwelling place of our Heavenly Father and His Son.


Elder Davies

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