Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week 58 - Merry Christmas! Little Ceasar's, Ronald McDonald & Selfies Candies?

A Little Ceasar's Pizza opened up near Kelson's Apartment. YUM!

Hey everyone!

IT´S ALREADY CHRISTMAS AGAIN!!! What?! I feel like it was just barely LAST Christmas! Can you believe that? Time flies when you are in Mexico. Isn´t that a saying? It should be...

Well this week was very exciting! I did splits with the Assistants I went with Elder Matos from the Dominican Republic (Shout out to Elder Valenzuela!) and that was AWESOME! I learned a lot and we had the chance to teach a lot of really amazing lessons! As we were walking to the food we ran into a random Ronald McDonald (bench and all) in front of someone´s house hahaha I can only imagine how they got a hold of that...I decided if I ever get really rich I´m gonna have one of those benches outside me house too! Haha!

So last week we found this REALLY awesome family! I think I wrote about them...but they are so great! Their names are Ruperto and Adriana and they have two ADORABLE little girls! We went back with them yesterday and taught them and they accepted a baptismal challenge for the 17th of January!! YES! We just have to get them married...Ruperto had to work so he couldn´t come to church but Adriana showed up at church like a half hour early with her little girls and she LOVED it all! So pray for them that we can get them all married up and such real soon! All the civil registries are closed...soo it´ll probably be in the new year but we still have like 4 weeks to get it all worked out!

Dana is getting ready for her baptism this weekend so pray that that all works out! We are also working with Estela her mom and her cousin Patricia so pray for them too! Also we have a family that is great (they´re actually family members of Estela) who have three little girls that all want to be baptized but their dad won´t let them...so you could pray that Carlos has a soft heart!

We had our Zone Class this week and it went really well! The Sister Training Leaders and the Assistants helped us doing examples of how to teach effectively and how to challenge people to baptism. Our Zone has a lot of new missionaries (with less than 6 months) so we are hoping this will help them! I love new missionaries because they are just so willing to learn and try everything!

Now that there is a Little Caesar´s here I have eaten there a LOT recently…sometimes the families we eat with want to give us food so we can eat out and guess where we go…I think I am eating more Little Caesar´s pizza here than I did at home haha! I love it so much.

Selfies Candies - Disgusting. HAHA!
Okay let´s see the eventful moments of this week…well I found candy called Selfies and just in case you´re wondering, they are absolutely disgusting. Gross. I also am trying to stop saying dumb missionary slang like fetch, heck, all those fun words so my companion and I have made a deal that every time we saw one of those words we have to give each other a peso (that´s like 7 cents, a fortune as a missionary). Needless to say, my language has improved but I am a little poorer. Totally worth it!

I love you all and I hope you have a FANTASTIC Christmas! Send me lots of pictures!

Elder Davies

Zone Picture

Random Ronald McDonald by a house?

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