Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 55 - Thanksgiving Dinner + 5 lbs & Fake Twix Bar. Yep :/

Thanksgiving Dinner: Kelson Happy. Gained 5 lbs :)
Hey Family!

So Thanksgiving. That happened.

Thanksgiving Plate
On Tuesday Elder and Sister Anthony (the couple that serves in the mission offices) invited us to THANKSGIVING DINNER!! We were there with Elder Dillon and Elder Tribett, some other senior couples, a couple from our ward, and President Anaya and his Wife! It was SOOOO good!! There were 5 pies so I just about died. Cherry, Apple, Mince Meat, Lemon, and Pecan. Yum. I gained 5 pounds on thanksgiving. LITERALLY five pounds, it was SO great! But I´ve already lost the 5 pounds so that was sad... #TotallyWorthIt

They opened up a new restaurant here like 5 minutes from the temple in our area and guess what restaurant it is...LITTLE CAESARS!!!! PIZZA!! So we bought Pizza on Wednesday. I don´t know how they managed to make pizza that tastes EXACTLY like it does in Utah. It´s a Christmas Miracle folks. And it costs 79 Pesos which is actually LESS than 5 dollars so ya´ll are paying too much in the states!

Fake Twix - hard candy in it? HA!
So, true story, I opened a twix bar and it was a cheap hard candy that had been resealed in the candy bar. I can just only imagine where they got the wrapper from. #Garbage Just so you know, they sort and sell the garbage here so... don´t worry Mom, I didn´t eat the candy!

Today we got together with the Assistants and some other missionaries to play BASKETBALL! MERICA! I love Basketball! I´m rocking a good sunburn but it was SO worth it! And we made a pyramid with a bunch of huge guys so enjoy that picture. Another Christmas Miracle.

This week they lit up the lights on the temple grounds and it was very pretty! It wasn´t Salt Lake status, but it was pretty good! I got to see lots of members from my old wards and also some investigators from Azteca, my last ward! I sure do love all the wonderful people I´ve met here of all faiths and all walks of life.
After Basketball Pyramid :)
Basketball game
Right before they lit up the lights we got to go out and invite a bunch of people to come in and see and it was a good chance to invite everyone to watch the new video the church made about Christ! All of you, take 2 minutes and watch this video:

Now that you've watched it, go ahead and share it with everyone! This is the best message ever. There has never been a message of more hope, more happiness, or more joy in the whole world! God so loved the world that he sent his SON to save us! He sent his Son to save a world that was forever lost because of sin. He sent his Son to love us, and teach us to love others. He sent his Son to show us the way and if we follow him, we will return to live again with our Father in Heaven and our Savior, Jesus Christ. I invite you all to discover who He really is, and what He did for you and for me. He knows you, He loves you, and He wants you to come unto him and be perfected in him. The world is always changing, but in such a world one truth still remains,


I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Don´t forget to pray :)


Elder Davies

Mexico City Temple Christmas Lighting
Playing with the bird

Crazy Cat


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