Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 51 - Halloween in Mexico!

Kelson's Zone at an Activity
Hey everyone!!

This week was crazy!! So how was Halloween? Here it lasts 3 days!! Halloween is the 31st, the 2nd is the Day of the Dead and the first is just a good excuse be crazy en between! Like every other holiday here in Mexico, they celebrate the night before, so last night was CRAZY! Everyone just was decked out. In Utah, we just have a bunch of cute Halloween costumes but here...it´s just scary! Everyone had their faces painted or a crazy mask hahaha even people driving cars. I´ve never been in a Zombie attack, but I now know exactly how it would feel to be the only guy alive in a Zombie attack. It´s crazy guys...

So here on the Day of the Dead they give things to their family members and friends that have passed away like if your grandpa really liked Tequila, you leave him a bottle of Tequila on his grave or you make a display with his pictures and candles and leave it there. It´s a cool holiday, for them it´s resepct to the dead it doesn´t have anything "dark" about it for the majority of the culture although there are some crazy people...but everything was good!

Pumpkin carving Zone activity
We had our zone activity today and it was great! We decided to carve pumpkins! It was hard to find pumpkins....and there were no carving kits, but we used giant kitchen knives and some hard pumpkins one of our investigadors went and bought in a big market. We all carved things that were related to the church. Two groups did the temple, one made the liahona, the personal progress insignia, the kingdoms of glory, and a HLJ (CTR) sign! It was super fun, most of them have never done it because it is just one of those weird American traditions, but everyone loved it! The Zone is so great! We have a lot of new missionaries, of the 24, 7 are in training! 

So just in case any of you were wondering, the church is true. We love this church and gospel because it isn´t Joseph Smith´s or Thomas S. Monson´s it´s JESUS CHRIST´S. What we have isn´t something new, it´s something that Jesus Christ established a LONG time ago that has been lovingly continued in our days. I invite you all to read the Book of Mormon even more than you are now, I have yet to meet some one who has read "too much" of the Book of Mormon and I don´t think I ever will! Let your lecture of the book be acompanied with pondering and sincere prayer and you will find the answers you all desire so much in your life!

I love you all so much!

-Elder Davies

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