Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week 54 - A short Hello from Mexico, and Axel & Andrea's Baptism!

Axel & Andrea's Baptism!

Hey Family!!

This week was AWESOME!!! Axel and Andrea both got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday!! That was so great!!! Axel is 25 and is so great. He is totally going to go on a mission in a year! I´m calling it!  He has made so many changes and is such a stud! Andrea is also so great. Her cousin is a recent convert from about 6 months ago in the ward that is right next to ours in the other stake, and he was able to baptize her and confirm her! It was so great. Axel has been going to Institute for 4 weeks so he had his institute teacher baptize him! That was a great day! And after the baptism on Saturday we got to eat in the Temple! It was just a PERFECT day!

Yesterday we had our second Sunday-night Devotional for Recent Converts and Investigators and it was a success! Axel actually gave his testimony and it was SO great! I was so proud of him!

They are putting all the Christmas lights up here on Temple Square and they put the coolest flowers out! I LOVE it! It looks like CHRISTMAS! WAHOO!!

I´m very happy here in Mexico! I love you all so much, sorry for the short email but I love you all!

Elder Davies
Just Chillin' on P-Day... with an indoor Hammock :)

Post Baptism Meal

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