Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 52 - "Hump Day" One year in Mexico City!

Elder Davies with Elder Dillon on "Divisions" or "Splits as we used to call them
when you worked with another Elder not your companion

Hey Everyone!!

This week was just full of fun surprises!

The first surprise came when I was on divisions with Elder Flores from Veracruz. We were in the Visitors Center and we were waiting for someone who called and cancelled on us, and then this couple walked in and we started talking to them where the Christus statue is. Turns out the girl wasn't a member but she was from Mexico but had lived in Ohio for 10 years and had just returned, so she spoke English WAY better than Spanish. So we got to give her a tour! She is so great. She met the guy she was with (an ex-missionary) at work. They were talking about the family and she said, "I just think the family should be something that doesn't end when we die...like something eternal." So he brought her to the Temple! We got to give them an English Tour and I got to see all the videos in English (that was weird!) and she is totally gonna join the church! She lives outside the mission, but the Sisters are teaching her over the phone from the Teaching Center here in the Visitors´ Center.
Yep. Apparently Christmas shopping comes early in Malls in Mexico Also!
So like I mentioned I did some divisions this week. I was with Elder Nobmann on Tuesday, that was so great! He is a great missionary and I learned tons being with him! I always learn a ton from the divisions, but I think those are the best divisions I've had in my whole mission! Also we ate chilis and they were SO spicy haha we were trying to tough it out in front of the Sister that gave us the chilis but when we left we bought some yogurt because it was like a little tiny chili but it deceived us...not the worst but it was burning! Haha!

On Wednesday I went with Elder Jensen from Las Vegas and it was a great work day too! He actually just had changes and moved up to Zone Leader so that´s awesome for his last cycle and a half! He is a great missionary.

On Thursday I was with Elder Flores who has just over a week in the mission that was SO great he is just so energetic and has the fire in his bones. You always know the new missionaries for their excitement and their SUPER white shirts haha!

Translation: "I ask you a favor to not turn
my place into a garbage can"  This used to be
a place where everyone dumped garbage. Put
up a picture of the Virgin Mary saying not
to litter and problem solved!
On Wednesday morning I had to go to Polanco with the Elders that I arrived here with to renew our Visas. Polanco is outside the mission in a SUPER nice part of Mexico City, it´s always fun to go there! When I was standing at the desk getting my papers done I heard the girls that were working there freaking out because some famous guy was there getting his visa done, I guess he was like a model from telenovelas (Mexican TV Soap Operas) or something but yeah he was SUPER ripped like his arms were the size of my thighs...just beyond ripped. When he was walking out everyone was taking pictures and freaking out and we were gonna take pictures but a Black Suburban came up and he jumped in and they flew away...so I saw a famous guy! No idea who he is, but that was random! We also got Dairy Queen while we were there! And saw Santa Claus in Sears! So Sears just feels like America. I walked in there and I was like, "Well, this feels like the U.S...."

Yesterday was the PRIMARY PROGRAM! I decided that is the best reunion (church meeting) all year apart from General Conference. They´re both great. The kids were SO adorable! There was this one little boy that didn/t know ANY of the verses but when he got to a line he knew or the chorus he would just SHOUT it 'aha it was so cute! I was crying and laughing!

Well things are great here in Mexico! Thanks for the love and support! You are the best and I love you all so much!

-Elder Davies

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