Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 42 - Krispy Kreme Donuts Mexican Style

At Temple Visitor Center during a Break from processing
Hey Everyone!

This week was just really really busy! We have been going to the temple every day to work on the referrals and we have received SO many! I think Saturday more than 12,000 people went through and we received more than 600 referrals...It doesn't sound that bad but every single one takes about 10 minutes to capture and localize...So....Haha but I love it it´s fun for me I'm really good at stalking addresses now, it will never be hard to find a referral again! Haha!

Mexican Variation of the Krispy Kreme Logo :)
Translation: "Have a Special Day"
Enjoying Krispy Kreme Donuts "Mexican Style" as they have a few
different varieties only found in Mexico
So I got to eat Krispy Kreme donuts again! We were at WalMart last week and one of the Elders saw his brother who lives in our mission and he totally bought us 2 dozen donuts! I was so happy! They had some Mexican style ones though, that was so different...still good though!
We got a good referral this week for someone who we had actually already looked for but the thing was his name was Miguel and so is his dad´s so when we went his dad answered and didn't want to talk to us...but then the son went to the temple open house and sent us a new referral that said Luis Miguel so we knew it was a different one! So we called him and went him saw him that day (Saturday) and but a date for his Baptism for the 20th of September. He was really excited, he knows a LOT! And we came to church and stayed all three hours, that was awesome!

We are planning on taking the family of 12 to the temple on Tuesday, we are crossing our fingers that that all goes through, that would be fantastic. They still haven't made it to church because of family/work problems, but if they go I know things will change! Let's just hope that all works out!

Well this week has been really calm but very busy, don't have a lot of cool stuff to write here but it has been a really good week! So the 16th of September is coming up so that means the craziest part of the year...and they have crazy parties for no reason so just imagine how hard they part when they do have a reason. Buckle up. Haha!

I love you all and hope you're all happy and healthy!

-Elder Davies


  1. Love these updates! Sounds like he is getting some awesome referrals from the temple. That's so exciting he gets to be there while this is going on!

    1. Well, as his father, I think I do this blog for my own selfish reason mostly since I miss him so much! It helps a bit doing the blog and is a small way of being a part of his experience other than just reading his letters. I like to add things from youtube and the web since he can't add them to clarify things he writes about. It has been lots of fun. Glad you enjoy it too!