Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 43 - Busiest week of my WHOLE mission!

Kelson with friends from the Nauvoo Pageant who are in Mexico helping with
the Temple Celebration Pageant for the Mexico City Temple Pageant
This yellow canopy is there they practice for Saturday Night't performance
Hey everyone!

This week has been the busiest week of my WHOLE mission! I have a lot of stories to tell you so I hope I can keep this all coherent...

So there is this little girl that lives like two blocks away from us and every time she sees us she says, "I LOVE YOU! My name is...." She is trying to ask what MY name is...but it's so adorable! I usually don't talk to her though because I don't know who her parents are I just saw hi to her haha but the other day she was with her cute little friend and I was like Awww my cute little friends that speak English! And then they turned around and they were playing with firecrackers! Like the HUGE ones! I was laughing so hard...Not gonna lie got hit with a firework yesterday that was crazy. Didn't hurt that bad though, it was crazy. Some kid just threw it in the street like a couple feet from my companion and I and we just ran but the shell still got me hahaha! #Mexican Moment
Fixing his shoe
The hole in my shoe is even bigger now but it won't get any bigger (don't worry mom) so I filled it in with hot glue in the offices! I can't believe how well it worked! But it only worked for like 4 hours...sad day.
Video of the hole they found in the street

Yes, Mexico City is sinking

Now that is a deep hole!

So we were walking down the street and there was a little hole like a foot long and almost a foot wide and then I looked in and it just went down like 10 feet hahaha I took some pictures it is pretty wild! This place is dangerous. #Mexico

We got to go to the temple twice this week to take a tour with some investigators. On Thursday we took 3 families (14 people in total) and got on one of the LAST tours! It was SO wild making that all happen. I'm not gonna tell you how many people we fit in a little Nissan Tsuru taxi because y'all would flip (but it was totally 12 people...). It was so worth it though! They loved the tour! The temple is SO gorgeous, I can't wait to be able to go in a week from Wednesday! That is surely the house of the Lord. It represents the best that we can give to the Lord. A lot of people ask us why the Lord´s house has to be so gorgeous and it´s simply because it is HIS house. He requires the best that we can give him! Yesterday (Sunday) we also got to take another part-member family through and they loved it! The Open House was supposed to end on Saturday but because so many people came they extended it to Sunday as well! What a blessing!

Also our Landlord has a Utah Valley Marathon Sticker on his that was super weird to see outside of my house. I freaked out a little bit haha!

Landlord's car has a Utah Valley Marathon sticker. How random?
The other Elders in our ward had a baptism and this is a great story! So Elder Jensen and I were in Bosques together (my first area) and they had a convert named Lupita who is just the BEST member! A few weeks ago Jensen ran into her in the street outside their apartment and it turns out she grew up in our ward! She gave them a referral for her Sister and her family and one of their daughters got baptized and the others are preparing for baptism! We got to talk to Lupita a little and it is just the craziest thing, I taught her a lot after Jensen left and we are really close with their family, they all were there at the baptism and after! Haha so just so you know how awesome Lupita is let me tell you a story. She was VERY active in the Catholic church (I mean hours a day she spent in Mass, doing exorcisms, etc.), and she was confronted by an old Father she was very close to who just wanted to destroy her. He asked her to pull out her Bible to obviously try and confound her and she just said, "Father, I have the truth HERE (and held her hand on her heart), there´s nothing in that book you can twist to try and trick me." He tried ripping on her but she just bore her testimony and she said when the missionaries come you open the door and LISTEN and ask God and he WILL tell you the truth! She said a lot of other AWESOME things but the moral of the story is her friend was left without words and very humbled! GO LUPITA!

I got to attend a baptism for our Zone Leaders and it was by far the coolest baptism I have ever been to. I went with Elder Hicks on divisions on Tuesday and as we went to see this lady (Rosario, her daughter is a member of 26 years) she didn't even open the door she just said that we should leave and not waste our time with her! We were super confused (I even more, I had never taught her and he didn't tell me who she even was haha) but Elder Hicks convinced her to let us come back tomorrow. She had her interview with President on Friday and got baptized Saturday. In her baptism, her daughter shared that in her patriarchal blessing she received a promise that if she faithfully listened to the Holy Ghost and stayed firm in the faith, her mom would be a member of the Church. She testified that the Lord will ALWAYS keep his promises and the Spirit was SO strong. That was so great!

Also the other Elders in my District baptized a lady that has been listening to the missionaries FOREVER and after going to the temple she decided to get baptized! She came in a wheelchair and was just SO happy to be there.

Lots of miracles from the Temple Open House. Wow.
Sister Erin Jones is Kelson's 2nd Cousin on his mother's side. Her mother is Sarah Borden Jones
whose mother is Neva Borden - Noni's Father;'s sister - Got that? HAHA. They saw each other
at the Temple Open House. Sister Jones is in the Mexico City South East Mission.
I also got to see my Second Cousin who is the Mexico City South East Mission and that was so cool! We still have some work to do with the referrals, but we are making progress!

Saw some friends from Salt Lake again doing the Pageant and I got a pictures this time so I'm very happy about that! I am SO excited for the transmission this Saturday! It's gonna be GREAT!

Well I love you all so much! Keep your heads up and don't forget to Pray!

With (lots of) love,

Elder Davies

P.S. Apparently Elder D. Todd Christofferson came to the temple, NO idea when but I was probably there doing referrals haha but just got a bunch of pictures from President Anaya with all the Sisters from the Centro para Visitantes and that were helping out here! How cool is that?

Short Video of a rainy day in Mexico City

Shoe repair with a glue gun...worked for a whole 4 hours!
Yellow Tarp over the practice area for the Mexico City 

Repairing his shoe... didn't work!

Elder Hicks dropping backpack into a window?

Elder Hicks

Family visiting the Mexico City Temple Open House

Mexico City Temple at Night

Apparently all 11 people in this picture fit into one taxi. HAHA!

Random cars parked on the street in their area

This is how you park on small roads in Mexico City.

Sam Bostwick and Cynthia Collier - Friends from the Nauvoo Pageant
who are in Mexico City helping with the Temple Celebration

Elders outside the Chapel after Church on Sunday

another picutre of a family visiting the Temple Open House

Cool spider found outside their apartment

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