Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 41 - Mexico City Temple Open House News

Kelson at the Stake Center near the Mexico City Temple
Hey everyone! How are you all?!

This week has been just absolutely crazy! We are SO busy! I don't even have time to think!

We keep contacting with the cards we have for the Open House of the Temple and this week I was talking in front of a bus and there were two nuns sitting like right in front of where I was standing...I tried to give a card to one of the nuns and she just kind of gave me a dirty look but the other one was totally interested and took a card! HAHAHA! I hope she goes to the temple! I love contacting on the bus from our house because it passes RIGHT in front of the Temple, so I can even point at the temple as we finish and talk about it a little and then get off! Haha!

Posing in the call center at the Mexico City Temple open house
So the temple is getting LOTS of referrals for the Open House and our Zone Leaders have kinda got put in charge of putting them all we are still working on that like every day a few hours! We have to put in all the information and their comments and then find what ward they are in and that takes a LONG one knows their addresses here. Their addresses are like: Calle 6 Casa Azul Puerta Blanca camioneta a fuera (Calle 6 Blue House with a White door and a truck out front) Hahaha okay not always like that...but a lot of people don't know where they live haha! We got to make lots of phone calls to get addresses completed, my companion was really good at that!
Missionaries working on processing the referrals from the Mexico Temple Open House
The comments the people have about the temple are amazing. They all feel the Spirit so much and their manner of explaining it is just so beautiful. One of the first ones I saw said, "I have never felt so much peace in my life. I would like to join your church. Please visit me." A lot of others expressed their desires to do baptisms in the temple font. Just a really cool experience!

A sample of the comments being made on cards at the Temple Open House:
"Very pretty Temple.  Beautiful home worthy of a house of the Lord. Celebrated be the name
of the the Lord and of the beloved Son of our Savior Jesus Christ."
On Saturday night we were there at the temple and we had to go in and get the referrals at the end of the tour but because it was raining we got to enter the temple! I got to start on one side and go to the end and come back! It is SO beautiful! And I also ran into some very wonderful friends from Nauvoo who are working on the cultural celebration, so that was such a sweet thing!

A few weeks ago some people stopped their truck and started talking to us and explained they were members who had just moved here and their daughter Allison was 8 and ready to be baptized! The Bishop asked us to go and go over a few things with her and her baptism was yesterday! 10 minutes before it started she asked me to baptize her...I we had asked a young man to do it but he was willing to let me take his place so she was just so happy! Her name is Allison! And she is American! WAHOO! Her dad is living right now in California but he is coming here in October so if I'm still here I hope to be able to teach him in English! He is very excited and wants to be baptized here with his family. He doesn't speak hardly any English though so his baptism would be in English or Armenian (He´s from there!) so we will see about that!

After Allison´s baptism the we let all the water out and went to eat with the members and we got a phone call that the Zone Leader´s font was filling up with Brown water...the Stake President said they couldn't do the baptism in the water so we had to run and fill up our font again and they did it there! The thing was we just didn't have any keys to close the drain on the font or start the we started the boiler with a hanger and a metal hook through the locked door and blocked the drain with a piece of plastic haha it was pretty crazy but it all turned our great! The Zone Leaders just got a missionary they are training who is waiting for a visa to go to California and so he got to baptize her! He is so great, his name is Elder Canul and he is from Yucutan! We are having lots of fun here!

I love you all and hope you are having a great time in the things you are doing! 

-Elder Davies

Temple view from a street in Kelson's area.  I didn't even see the temple the first time I looked!

A nice sized spider they found

Calling referrals at the Temple Open House

Referral cards from the Temple Open House

A picture in the tent leading to the Temple Open House

At Temple Open House

Picture before the baptism

Another Temple view from a member's 6th Floor apartment

View of the temple from a street in the area

Kelson's companion going through referals from the Temple Open House

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