Thursday, September 17, 2015

Week 44 - Transferred, Zone Leader Calling & "GO TO THE TEMPLE! Right now!"

Hey everyone!
Wow this has been an eventful week! So last week on Tuesday the Assistants called and told me Elder Arenas was going to TRAIN! Wahoo! I was with Elder Hicks because we were working on the referrals, so we got to surprise him later about that and he was SO excited! He actually didn’t believe us (at first)…but he was super excited! He will be a great trainer! The reason why he didn’t really believe us is because they told us Monday night who was going to train, and then Tuesday morning there was a training meeting, but they didn’t tell us anyone in our District was training until AFTER at like 3 PM, so he was confused but excited. So do you know what that means?! That means I will be a grandpa in the mission! I am so old! Haha! On Wednesday he had 3 months in the mission so we bought him a cake! It was probably the best cake I’ve had in Mexico…not gonna lie!

We had Area Seventy from here in Mexico came and speak to our mission.  It was a really good conference about desire and faith, sorry I wish I could tell you all about it but I just have NO time! Just trust me, it was great!

On Saturday I went to do referrals at the Temple and the whole Temple Square was on lock down because there were like 2 Apostles and 10 general authorities there but I got in hehe! I didn't get to see them though but it was SO empty! Still have lots of referrals to get done so they can get them sent out to the other Missions here in Mexico. That night we saw the Cultural Celebration for the Temple via satellite in the Stake Center and that was so great! I've come to love and appreciate the Mexican culture a lot. I was expecting something very similar to the Nauvoo Pageant and it WAS just had a big Mexican twist (which was great)!

I got to go to the three sessions of re-dedication in the Temple and they were all FANTASTIC! For the first two I was in the Stake buildings next to the temple but for the third one there was space in one of the rooms IN the temple so I got to go in! It was so great! We were sitting there about 10 minutes before it started and in walk Elder Eyering and Elder Holland to say hi to all of us! They waved and it was just the sweetest! Everyone was just crying and I realized that for most of these members it was the ONLY time they would ever see an Utah you just run into them on the street like my Dad always would, but this was a big deal! Wish I could tell you more...but there is just no time!

On Monday I got transferred! But not too far. My Zone Leader Elder Mejia called me and told me "You are my new companion!" And I thought he was joking, but it was true! We will serve as Zone Leaders in the Allende ward in the same Stake and Zone where I was (Aragon)! The Temple is literally inside my ward boundaries! How cool is that?! And my "Son" Elder Arenas and my "Grandson" Elder Hernandez stayed here in Azteca so I'll get to be there for the baptisms and to visit people every once in a while!

Today we got to go in the Temple and it was such a sweet experience! I have missed the Temple and I am so glad it's open again! All you people in Utah GO TO THE TEMPLE! Right now! You are so lucky to have a billion temples, if one is closed you drive 5 minutes and there is another! I miss that!

Well I love you all and I hope to hear from you all soon! Loooooove you!

-Elder Davies

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