Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 38 - Hola Familia y Amigos!

Transfer day - Elder Mulia is headed to a new area. He served in the same area
Hola Familia y Amigos!

I didn't type that in Spanish to be cool, that really just came out. I've been in Mexico for many moons.

This week was great! We had changes today! And a couple yesterday! I'm staying here with my companion to finish his training WAHOO! Elder Maluia got transferred and Elder Jensen is the new Elder in our ward. He is from Las Vegas, and he was actually the Elder I shared a ward with my first cycle in Bosques! Also got two new Elders in an area that was closed last cycle, it's Elder Tolli the Brazilian from my last District and an Elder that he is training named Elder Duran! They are all fantastic and we are excited to work with them! We are gonna have some busy days up ahead.

Yesterday we went to clean the house that is literally like across the street from the Temple where Elder Tolli and Duran were gonna live, and it's a good thing we got to that because it was pretty gross...but it's all good now, they were excited!

Today we went to Sam´s Club to buy all the food for the month because I´ve found it's just cheaper that way...ran into some A&W Rootbeer so you bet I bought a 12 pack! I started crying a little when I saw it. Our house is full of food, I love the beginning of the month! You missionaries know what I'm talking about! #Budgeting

Transfers! Elder Mulia is headed to a new area
This last week was really good, the family we found last week had a daughter get sick this week and was in the hospital so we didn't get to teach them all week and they didn't make it to church! I talked to some of them in the week when we passed by, they are so perfect. I love them so much! Last Sunday when we had that lesson with them I felt the Spirit so strong and I felt the love our Heavenly Father has for them. We sang them the hymn "The Lord is My Light" to finish and one of the little boys was crying because he felt the Spirit so strong. I got to saw the closing prayer and all ten of us kneeled down in their little room and I felt SO much love for them and just wanted to hug them all for the rest of forever and bring them all to church! I'll see what I can do this week, hope all is well!

Elder Perez in our ward hit his 6 month mark so we got him a soccer ball and ate ice cream, that was fun, we had changes after. Actually, funna story. My companion put on a Santa Claus mask and sang "Melodies of Christmas" by David Archuleta and at the end gave him the soccer ball. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. I'll show ya´ll the video someday haha!

You know what game is fun? DOMINOS! #Desperate

I saw a watch today at Sam´s Club that can make phone calls, us GPS, keep your heart rate checked, and go on FaceBook and a bunch of other things...things are getting pretty crazy right? All the kids here have tablets they get in the school, it's crazy how cheap tablets are! I saw one the other day someone was selling for $60 USD?! What? I'm not gonna recognize the world when I get back.

I love this work and I don't WANT to be in the world though! This work is even better than any watch or phone or car or spaceship. Our purpose here on this earth is to get back to our Father in Heaven and take as MANY people as we can with us. I love you all, have a FANTASTIC week!


Elder Davies

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