Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 39 - Mexico City Temple Open House Starts Friday!

McDonalds - Almost like home :)
Hey everyone!

This week has been really busy but I have learned a lot this week.

We had a Zone Class on Wednesday and a Multi-Zone Conference on Friday and both were fantastic! We were talking about the Open House of the temple a lot because that´s like the most important thing happening in the church in Mexico right now...this week is crazy! Today they are giving VIP tours to people who live right by the temple and the regular tours will start Friday! We printed cards to give to the ward and investigators and random people to invite them to go! This week we contacted a few micros (busses) and that´s always a blast! You just get up in front and ask if you can give out cards then you just preach in front a bus! That's a fun thing.

We have a really high goal for baptisms thanks to the flood of references we are going to get during the open house of the temple, so we have put an even higher goal of baptismal challenges! On Saturday we did splits with the Zone Leaders for a couple hours so I could do some baptismal interviews for them so we were in the Visitor´s Center doing the interviews and such for a few hours...we didn't know how we were gonna reach our goal of 3 baptismal dates but while I was doing our last interview they said that there were 2 people there from the Zone Leader´s area (which actually includes the temple and visitor´s center) so we talked to them after and invited them to be baptized! Then we got in a taxi and we were like oh man we got two dates and we weren't even able to be our working, that is awesome! God is definitely a God of miracles! We were a little sad though that we didn't get the 3 dates we wanted to...but then we took a taxi home and put a baptismal date with him too hahaha I love putting baptismal dates! I got a cool idea from another Elder to put the picture of Jesus being baptized by John folded up and glued in the back of my Agenda so I can just whip that thing out in the street and that's been working. We are gonna have a fun next couple months, I hope I can stay here a long time because we are gonna be CRAZY busy.

Today we had a Zone activity so we went early with the Zone Leaders to help them get everything ready and bought. I went with Elder Hicks to Walmart and then we were waiting for an art store to open up to buy some thread and needles for the activity (we made our handkerchiefs for the temple dedication), so we went to Mcy D´s for breakfast! I bought a Mexican style sausage burger and it had beans so that was a different experience...but the other burgers I bought tasted just like the states so #VivaAmerica! Also Ronald McDonald just scares me even more and more...(enjoy the picture below!)
Mommy... That creepy man scares me. HAHA!
Whenever you are a missionary you learn to immediately spot other missionaries so wherever I go I know when there are other Elders...but today we went to the mall and I got on the Metro and I took a quick look and there weren't any other missionaries but then someone was like, "Davies, what up dude?!" (in PERFECT English) and I was like what?! And then I realized it is a young man from a ward in our stake I had met that had lived in Alabama for 2 years with his cousins haha I was so confused...haha but it was fun to see them I just kinda flipped out from hearing English!

Well things are really good here in Mexico. I am loving this work and I love you all and thank you so much for your love and support! Have great lives and go out and have a blast!


√Člder Davies

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