Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 24 - Sleep walking, a cat, a chicken, and Little Caezars?

A young member of the church and his chicken in their backyard
See bottom of this post for a video :)
Hey Everybody!

Oh man things are just so crazy and so great here! Let me just tell ya!

So Joaly got baptized in my old Area! It was actually last week....but I just found out today! WAHOO! I was super excited for her, she is so great! I don't have a picture sadly but I'll try to get one! So that was just great news :) Her uncle is a member and she is 11 years old and she is just so great! I think I talked about her before a bit!
Kelson got this picture after he sent this email so I am adding it now (Dad)
This is the baptism of Joaly from his previous area.
So this week I got to do my first Baptismal interview! That was so cool! I don't know, it was just such a super spiritual and special experience, and the Brother I interviewed was so prepared and so excited to be able to take this step. I actually got to be in his baptisms because I had to bring a signed baptismal record for the interview and get my missionary planner I left with the Elders there when we did Divisions! It was awesome!

Speaking of Divisions, holy cow! I did 3 this week with my District. I stayed one time in our area, the other two times I left. That was super awesome! So funny story, I used to talk and walk and do a lot of things really in my sleep and I thought I didn't do it anymore...but I guess I do! I was on divisions with Elder Tolli, a Brazilian Elder that came on the mission like a month after me and he said I was like talking and walking around the house and stuff hahahaha and he said he woke up at like 3AM and I was sitting on the edge of his bed just look around and breathing really hard hahahahaha he was laughing so hard when he told me in the morning...well now you think I have like emotion problems or something but I just am so active I can't even sit still in the night! Haha! And I asked my comp if I talk in my sleep and he said...uhhh yeah pretty much every night! He said just this week at like 12 I was like, "Elder! Elder Pesantez! There´s a cat in the house, right???!!!" There was no cat...I don't remember any of this...haha great times!

Little Caezars Pizza Ad from Mexico City "No Calling. No waiting. Ready!"
We had a meeting with the Ward missionaries to teach them how to go out and visit the Members and get references and help make the ward really strong and that was awesome! And you won't believe what our Ward Mission Leader brought to the meeting...yep, LITTLE CAESARS PIZZA!!!! I was like WHAAAT?!?! I almost died. It was great!

So we finally met and talked to this guy who we ran into once who was talking to the other Elders and he seems really great. His name is Erick, and his kids names are all SUPER American...Bryan, Stacy, Ashely, Brandon hahaha that's awesome right? Well he lived in UTAH! And he is not a we are working on that! He is great but he works a lot and doesn't know when he can come to church. We are praying he will come and that his family will want to listen, his wife isn't really excited to hear us, but he is! He really wants to get baptized, he actually told us before we mentioned it! Great stuff.
Elder Pezantes apparently doesn't get enough sleep as he finally told Kelson
That Kelson talks alot in his sleep - and even walks around!
This picture was taken as they were leaving the apartment for the day
Now lets talk Mexican security. So lets say you have a house and a little driveway (a lot do) and you have a wall that goes to the street, like 15 to 20 feet high. If you DON'T want people to get into your house, simple. All you do is put a wet layer of cement on top of your wall, then place shards of broken glass from old windows or bottles, cups whatever you want really and let that stuff dry. Bam. I wish I had a picture of this because it is the most horrying image but hey, great idea right? You gotta do what you gotta do! Also I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, I think so, but if that's not enough security you put up a barb-wire fence above the wall. And if THAT doesn't satisfy ya, you just take a wire from the power line and straight up splice it with your barb-wire fence creating what would destroy and simultaneously electrocute you. AWESOME! #MexicanMoment
Here is a picture of what Kelson is talking about: Glass on top of tall walls

Well things are great here, we are working very hard and I love this work. I am growing to have such a love for this people and for this place, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to get to serve this mission. I love and miss you all, take care and thank you for all the love and support!

Elder Davies


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  2. Hey Elder Davies!! Me da mucho gusto saber que se encuentra bien y que se la este pasando de maravilla sobro todo con los buenos inventos del Mexicano hahaha Saludos!!!
    Gracias por hacer mención de mi familia, se lo agradezco demasiado por acordarse de nosotros, me hubiera gustado que usted estuviera en ese grandioso día pero no se pudo. Dios lo bendiga..

    1. Hola Victor: Me llamo Greg Davies. Soy el padre del Elder Davies. Debido a las reglas, Elder Davies no puede ver el blog. Pero voy a enviar su comentario a el. Gracias por invitarlo a su casa. El le gusto mucho a su familia. Ojala que nos conocemos algun dia!

    2. Mucho gusto Greg! Muchas Gracias por mandar el comentario! Davies es una gran persona!