Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 23 - Jump starting a city bus? Yep. That happened.

View from their apartment in Mexico City
Hello Family and Friends!

Wow how the time flies! Another week already! I already have half a cycle with Elder Pesantez, that's crazy! Things are just going super great here!

This week on Friday we had interviews with President Anaya, those are always super great! He is such a great guy and he has such love and concern for each and every one of the missionaries. I always learn a lot when I talk to him, even if it's only a few minutes. When I was about to leave my area to go to the Stake Center which is like 20 minutes away on the Bus the Zone Leaders called and told me that it was Sister Anaya's, the President's Wife's, Birthday!! So we like ran out the house and got off the bus at a big market that is like Walmart but more Mexican and I bought a cake real quick to surprise her! She is so sweet and takes such good care of us all as missionaries so I was happy to be able to get her something and sing that Mexican Birthday song I still not don't know the words to...I'm gonna print them out and learn them because I'm tired of looking dumb during this song hahaha!
Jump starting a bus in Mexico City
Couple great things that happened this week. I saw a lady walk out of a house with a Pink Utah Jazz Jersey, it was a #8 Williams Jersey and I just thought that was crazy. We should probably teach her now and baptize her, I know where she lives because she was leaving her house...haha maybe we will go knock on her door haha! Also we were in the bus on the way to District Class and there was the other bus across the street that had died so of course our bus driver is cool and it was probably his buddy so he crossed the street and we very gently rear ended him, and then he took off pushing the other bus so he could pop start his engine. I was very happy to be part of that beautiful process! I can honestly say I have never seen a giant bus pop start another giant bus. Gotta be a first time for everything right? That counts as a Mexican Moment.
OH! I went into this bathroom of one of our investigators and you would not believe what he had in there! A BATHROOM VENT! It was a little fin in a hole in the wall and you just plugged it in and BAM! American Bathroom vent. I think he has been to Arizona a lot because he has a daughter here, that's probably where he got that idea. Bathroom vents are a real thing right?! Those are such a good idea. 

A Toucan like the one Kelson is talking about. HAHA!
We are teaching a guy named Angel and he is in a wheelchair because he lost his leg a few years ago in an accident. He is such a cool old man, he really gets around and he is super self reliant. He has his own little business on the corner of his street where he has an old Walmart shopping cart and he has a bunch of cleaning supplies. On Monday to Saturday he is out there selling all morning and into the afternoon. He was a bus driver and a mechanic before, so we always talk about mechanics that's a fun thing for me! OH! And he has this super awesome TOUCAN in his house! Like those crazy birds that are always in the pictures he has one! I don't think that's legal...but also he has like 10 other super beautiful tropical birds and an iguana that is just...creeping around!

He is a great guy. Other missionaries had talked to him but he is a little difficult so they just kinda stopped visiting him. But from the first moment I saw him I did what President Monson talked about and imagined him in his white baptismal robe and I was thinking how we were gonna baptize him (because he only has one leg and his other is a little weak). It's gonna be very hard to get him to church, but we are gonna work hard and pray harder because this man needs the Gospel! This man and ever man and every woman! Pray for Angel please!

The work is unstoppable. It is rolling forth and will continue to do so until it has filled all the earth. I am humbled to be part of this work and to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ light up the lives of people who had lived in darkness all their lives, a darkness as real and cruel and miserable as is (wonderful) the light of the One who came to save us. If you haven't seen the video of Christ that was made for Easter, I invite you to see it! And SHARE it! Share the love, share the light. The Gospel is true, I know it!

√Člder Davies

This is a video of Kelson's Handywork fixing a sink in their apartment

A new building being built in their area

Kelson's 2nd Companion - Elder Pesantez from

Elder Pesantez preparing for the day

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