Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 25 - Email Basketball, Wicked Watch Tan & Kelson in a Mormon Message Video :)

Kelson "Hang Loose" pic in his apartment on P-Day. Proudly wearing the Y shirt :)

So this is a Mormon Message that used some stock footage
taken of Kelson looking at the Nauvoo Temple back a few summers ago.
Sister Elaine Dalton did some interviews and her film crew took some video
of a few of the youth in the Nauvoo Pageant. Kelson's back was apparently his
best feature. HAHA!

Hey guys!!  I have such a crazy watch tan I realized! I took off my watch and there was this bright light shining from my wrist and it WAS my wrist! The picture doesn't do it justice, but it does okay...
Kelson's awesome watch tan :)
Baptism of Axel who is 8. They have enjoyed visiting with this family!
So we had a baptism this week but it kinda doesn't count but that's okay! His name is Axel! We found his family (they are a less active family) and they have been coming to church and he just got baptized on Wednesday! It was pretty great especially because the water was ICE cold. The boiler doesn't work! Haha great time, but a brother in the ward baptized him so we didn't even have to get in the water, too bad! Something REALLY cool happened at the baptism, but I'll get to that in a second!

So this last Sunday (Apr 26th) we had a fast as a Zone to be able to find families to teach and baptize in May. We have seen SO many miracles from this fast! We found a lady named Francisca and her son Sergio who is 16 and they are fantastic. They are neighbors and friend with some really great members and they came to church this week! That was great. Mario is also progressing and we have a baptismal date with him for the 24 of May, but he wants to wait till his wife gets back and he can explain why he is getting baptized so we will see how that all pans out! Also David is progressing he is 10 years old and his mom is a member and so is his grandma which also gives us food and she cooks SOOOO great. The other Elder here told me she cooked an Apple Pie and it tasted like an American Apple Pie. I hope I get lucky and get me some apple pie. But yeah, super excited for Francisca and Sergio, pray for them they have a lot of opposition in their family!

So after this fast, I have been worried about some companionships that aren't having a lot of success and are getting pretty discouraged, but man the coolest thing happened! This lady came to the church during Axel´s baptism on Wednesday and had her little son with her and said they wanted to learn more about our church! AWESOME! So we go to their house the next day and it was across the street that divides our area with the other Elders area so we talked for a second and explained the other Elders would actually be the ones to teach them and we called the other Elders and told them we found their Family they had been fasting and praying for! I said they are 4 and want to get baptized! Well, that was right! The four of us Elders went back about an hour later and taught them and put a baptismal date with them for the 24th of May, and they are SUPER excited. Turns out the mom had already listened to the missionaries a lot and her mom was a member as of 3 years ago and goes every week! All the kids have been to church. The parents were seperated for a while but are now back together and are determined to make their family united and, now that they know it can be, ETERNAL! Miracles exist, I have seen them so much this week!!

MEXICAN MOMENT! There is a meat shop here and its name is, and I'm not joking: "The Surprise" Meat Distribution. I don't know what it is about that name that makes me want to never, ever ever ever ever eat anything that comes from that store. It literally had parenthesis around The Suprise, that is horrifying. HAHAHA!

Things are super great here, just living the dream things are so amazing. So we have changes a week from tomorrow so P-day will be Wednesday next week but Mommy I'll see you on Sunday on FACETIME!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!

Love you all!

-Elder Davies

Another picture of Axel's baptism with his family

Shooting Baskets with emails? He does much better with hockey :) HAHA

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