Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 22 - Notes from his second area: Jardines

Wallet Kelson got from his Great Grandpa Spencer after he died (his mother's grandfather)
Grandpa Spencer got this wallet many years ago on a trip to Mexico. Kelson didn't even ask for this.
He asked for other things, but this just showed up. Grandpa telling him something?
Hey everyone!

Things are just going so great here in Jardines! I love this area, there is so much work to do here. Thank you all so much for your love and support, it always means so much to get such wonderful emails from you all!

This week was our first week in our new ward (because last week was general conference), and it was great! We have a really great ward and some really good leaders. We are excited to start getting everyone pumped to do missionary work with us! 

This week we have just been contacting SO many old investigators, new contacts, and Less Active members. It has been so crazy, I really don't think I've ever walked so much in my life! My foot is really being a trooper, it's awesome. It gets to where it is a little sore at the end of the day sometimes but other than that it is great and I can tell it's getting a lot stronger! My left leg looks pretty much normal now, you can't even see a difference! Haha I still remember looking at my own leg and it was like half the size of the the other and it was so weird...haha!
Kelson's fixes the laundry sink in their new place.
With the new white pipes, the water goes into the side with the drain!
So our house is great and actually pretty nice, it's just a little small and we didn't have a real good place to wash our dishes I really don't know what the other Elders did but I'm super stoked about what we did. So right by our door to leave the house there is a little cement sink thing for washing laundry, the problem is next to the big sink thing there is a little one without a drain, so all the water would just fill up in there and just sit...forever...and Mexican water isn't pretty when it sits. So what I did is I bought some little pipes from this little tienda (store) on the corner right by our street and made a sweet pipe to redirect the water over the sink! It's something so small and silly but I really do miss this kinda thing especially mechanics, whenever I walk by a mechanics shop I just wanna just jump in and work with them...someday I'm gonna teach a mechanic so I can work with him in his shop while I teach him XD I'll attach a picture of my beautiful plumbing.

Another really cool thing this week is I found in my suitcase a Wallet that I inherited from my Great-Grandpa Spencer after he died a few years ago. I don't know how I got the wallet, it was assigned to me from a few of his things as memories we could have of him...the crazy thing is the Wallet is a leather wallet from Mexico! It is beautiful, not a cheap wallet, and I just found it! I remember packing it thinking it was cool but I had forgotten how significant it was. I carry it on my now wherever I go and it is a great reminder that I'm not alone and I have a lot of great legacies to live up to of brothers, parents, and other family members and friends.

I have always known I was going to go to Mexico on my mission, I just never told anyone because in case I didn't go and I went to Orem, UT or something, I didn't want people to feel bad for me hahaha! But I don't think it's a coincidence that this wallet fell into my hands. Parents do you know if he visited here or something? Maybe you could do some digging and let me know :)

Well things are super great I'm loving life and learning lots and....
I COMPLETED FIVE MONTHS IN THE MISSION! Whenever I tell people I have 5 months they first say, "WOW, you speak really good Spanish!" then they make fun of my because I just started and I'm never gonna go home haha but these have been the busiest and fastest 5 months ever, it's pretty crazy.

Love you all so much, hope you are all happy and healthy :)

Elder Davies

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