Thursday, April 2, 2015

Week 20 - Transferred! New companion & new calling

New companion: Elder Pesantez from Ecuador!
Family and Friends,
Oh my goodness there have been some big changes here!!

First of all, I got a new area AND a new companion! Oh my goodness! They called us Monday night and said that I had transfers and we were all super confused because we were sure I was gonna stay and my companion was gonna go, but nope! I am opening an area in the stake Xalostoc (pronounced Halostalk) with Elder Pesantez! He is a great missionary, he is really funny and is from Ecuador. The literal translation of his name is "FishBefore", so that's cool. Also this keyboard only sometimes works, and some of the letters just don't work at all so I have to copy and past them from other emails and now I have the whole alphabet and punctuation marks so I think we are good. Although I couldn't find a good pair of quotation marks to put around "FishBefore" (added by dad :) ), so yeah. Also we live in what translated to be Gardens of the Fat Hill. Also a very cool name. I'm just here in the Gardens of Fat hill with my companion, Elder FishBefore. Spanish is AWESOME!

I got to visit a few investigators and converts Tuesday Morning and then I went to the Stake Center next to the temple for the changes! I was one of the last to get called of like over 100 missionaries so I was freaking out a little bit I had no idea where I was gonna go and even less that I was gonna get to open an area! I am so stoked! I was called to be the district leader so that is pretty crazy. I am excited for the new opportunity to learn, grow, and help other missionaries, should be an adventure.

Last Picture before he is transferred

Missionaries at a family's house before he left his first area
Just wanted to have a little throwback to one year ago when I I had my surgery. It's hard to believe that a year ago I couldn't walk and here I am on a mission walking all day long on the high quality streets of Mexico! Amazing what the Lord can do and the change in me is even greater than being able to walk or not, I feel like a different person. Maybe better said not a better person, but a different person. I have learned and grown so much and I am thankful for every trial that I have.

Martha, our convert from my other area, got to do baptisms in the VERACRUZ TEMPLE last week!!!! I was so excited for that! She went with a family in the ward on Wednesday night last week, drove all night, and got back Thursday night. Elder Rodriguez and I were just so happy for her to be able to enter and do 12 vicarious baptisms.

Getting to know the new place in his new area

So we don't know anyone here, we tried to meet the members and investigators yesterday but the area is big and the map is missing like half of the street names its just such an adventure I'm having so much fun! I am super nervous because I feel a lot of responsibility and we have a LOT of work ahead of us, but I'm working hard and praying harder.

I love you all so much and thank you for the prayers and support!

-Elder Davies
Kelson will miss some of his favorite people like this family!

New House in new Area - A typical street in his area
Posing with his first companion Elder Rodriguez

More pictures of the new place in his 2nd area

Transfers and moving!

Checking out his new Apartment!

New Room in New Area (Nice Purple - HAHA!)

Kitchen in new Apartment (cozy!)

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