Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Week 19 - Bond... James Bond and last week with first companion!

lunch with some young men they were teaching

Hey everyone!

This week has been really good, not a whole lot of exciting news but a couple little fun things that have happened this week :) And first of all, next week we have changes so I won't be writing till Wednesday, just so you all know :)

So apparently they are filming or were filming the new James Bond movie here in the mission and closed the Centro...that's at least what all the members and everyone were telling us, I have no idea if that's just a straight up myth or if James Bond came to Mexico City, but if he did, that's just fantastic. Let me know someone, eh? Haha I miss Google.

James Bond Movie "Spectre" being filmed in Mexico City
(From See news story here

Mexican Moment for the week, I was walking down the street and this car came flying past us and there was like an 8-yea-old kid hanging on the hood, so that was pretty crazy...He was just layin on the "hoot" hanging onto the hood by the windshield wipers that was crazy. 

Erika got confirmed yesterday and we put a baptismal date with her mom! Better said...ERIKA put a baptismal date for her mom. We have been working with Ines for a while and she is reading the Book of Mormon (she's already in 2nd Nephi!!) and we just hadn't been able to see for a couple weeks but in talking to her she wanted to get baptized but wanted to wait for a few months and her mom basically said, "Okay Mom are you gonna get baptized or not? If you're gonna do it, there's no reason to wait! How about in two days on Sunday? No? Okay, one week from Sunday?" and, well, she has a baptismal date for this Sunday! Hahaha! I hope everything goes well and she can make this covenant with our Father in Heaven this week :)
Cute kids of people they are teaching
Erika also gave a great prayer in Gospel Principles Class that made me want to cry. I love the way she prays because it is a REAL talk with our father in Heaven. Sometimes as members of the church we repeat things that we here, certain phrases, which isn't necessarily bad but I just love hearing her TALK with our Heavenly Father. She is so real, so sincere, and it just makes me so happy. They started special family History classes where they have 3 or 4 converts in the class to teach them how to do family history and get names ready for the temple which is so cool! And she is in that class! So excited for her.

Everything's pretty great here. This is my last week with Elder Rodriguez so we are just gonna work our tails off and have a great time like we've been having! We have been together 3 cycles (4 and a half months) which is a long time in the mission, so we are almost positive we will have changes. HOLY COW I'M GETTING A NEW COMPANION! That's just crazy because for the last almost 5 months I've just been with him like all the time..weird right?

Love you all take care and make good choices!

Elder Davies

Kelson with other missionaries in his district at a Baptism

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  1. Kelson its spencer! We just saw spectre (james bond) and the opening scene and its amazing. Cant believe you were in the area.... there was an explosion and gunshots good thing you didnt get hurt!