Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 15 - David & Dulce's baptism pics

David & Dulce's Baptism!

So this week has just been great! I guess it's only been like 5 days since I wrote...but I ton has happened!

First of all, David and Dulce got baptized on Sunday! We were so excited! They are Queztalyn´s little siblings, so awesome! They were so excited and I just made me so happy! Dulce told her mom (who is also preparing for baptism) that she wanted to get baptized because she was ready to turn her life into God :´). How adorable is that?! She is 8! So happy for this family, I have never felt more joy in my life than I feel for this family that is, thanks to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, coming closer and will have the opportunity to be an Eternal Family. I'm so happy!!! :)

We had a stake youth activity Saturday morning where all the missionaries and youth from the stake came to our chapel and we divided all up into three areas in our stake and contacted and taught! It was awesome! We got a ton of new contacts and referrals, should be so great! It was awesome, we had over 50 youth all out preaching the Gospel! We even had some investigators with us working and preaching! Wahoo!

When we were in a trio with Elder Hernandez before he got his new companion all of our appointments fell through so Elder Rodriguez said okay everyone pick a house and don't say what it is! Then we all said it and it was THE SAME HOUSE so we went and knocked the door and even though it was like late-ish and dark this lady came out and though she said she was very catholic that we could come back. We have taught her a couple times and she is definitely progressing. She didn't know she felt she had to listen to us, but she is and she is learning why! So her husband works for a factory that makes really nice and expensive socks...and she gets them in this crazy bulk discount, so she gives us a killer deal on socks! We can get this socks for like a quarter of the price, it's less than a dollar a pair and they are like awesome! Socks for missionaries are like the best thing ever, love me some new socks. She is great! Her name is Rosa :)

So we had ward conference which is exactly like Ward conference in Utah except....nah actually it was pretty similar!! There were like 20 people from the Stake up on the Stand, that was different but cool. So let me back up a bit...since it has just been us and the Sisters in the ward, every baptism we have we sing a song, so the Bishop had us sing in Ward conference. We found a translation of Be Still My Soul and sang 2 verses in Spanish and one in English, because the song doesn't exist in Spanish. Its so fun to be in a ward where all the missionaries can sing and we can sing parts and such! OHH!! Fun fact, played the guitar in a baptism last week, sooooo cool. The Sisters sang Savior, Redeemer of My Soul in Spanish and I played for them! The man that got baptized is so cool, he has a tumor and just had surgery on Saturday but got to be baptized and confirmed before, he is a real trooper!! His name is Armando, pray for him that everything goes well and he can recover!

Today we got a chance to watch Meet the Mormons that is coming to Theaters here on FRIDAY!! Of course we can't go, but we got to see it to encourage the members and investigators to go. It was SOO great! I love the message and how grand this work is. This movie was certainly inspired and the effect it has on the image of us as Mormons is so grand. We are hoping it has great success here like it did in the States, bringing others to know who we really are!

Well there's just so much to write and so little, I'll just fill you all in in 2 years, okay? Love ya!

Elder Davies

David & Dulce - filling out the paperwork

David & Dulce - Getting ready for the Baptism

Ready for the baptism - David & Dulce

David & Dulce before their baptism

Elder Davies leaving the font with Dulce

Dulce & Elder Davies after her baptism

David with the Elders

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