Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 13 - Temple Visitor Center Pics

Visitor picture from the Mexico City Visitor Center
Visitor picture from the Mexico City Visitor Center
Hello everyone!

How are you lovely people?? :) So just so you know family there are changes next week, so my P-day will be Wednesday Feb 18, so don’t freak out when I don’t write! Also there will probably come a couple P-days where I don’t write because I have too much to do, so I hope that doesn’t happen but if it does, just know that I’m fine, mmk?? ;) I think I’m gonna stay with Elder Rodriguez one more cycle, but who knows! Guess you will find out on the 18th ;)

So our church attendance is shooting up! I guess that means that the Hermanas and my companion and I are doing good work! Haha! The other Sunday we had 144 in attendance, I guess the most in 15 years! This week we had 135, still super duper amazing! That is always exciting :)

Queztalyn (Ketz-uh-lean) got confirmed yesterday! Her mom and grandma and also two little siblings were there, that was super great! She is truly awesome. She has an amazing testimony and she really understands what her baptism meant and is doing everything she can to live up to that covenant! I think her family will follow her example very soon! I had divisions with Elder Nuñez, an Elder from Nicaragua that is going home on Saturday, so that was nuts! We visited an investigator that works for a member in a little factory he has in his house. They make pillows and tablecloths and such and after the lesson he let me try his giant sewing machine and it was SOOOO cool! So if you buy a tablecloth and it says “Hecho en Mexico”, I probably made it. Haha no but it was super cool! It reminded me a lot of The Three Amigos when they are all making outfits at the end. They said I did really good so I’m thinking of a career in sewing after the mission. Just kidding I probably won’t do that.

Today I got a haircut at a hair school here in our new area and it because it was a school it cost 6 pesos! That is less than 45 cents. WAHOO! That’s a good cheap haircut :) That’s what I like!

Things are just super great here. I’m learning so much every day! I watched the movie about Thomas S. Monson called on the Lord’s Errand and that was so cool to see how the Lord had slowly prepared him and tested him throughout his life for him to becoming the man and prophet we know he is now. Pretty interesting! Well that’s all for today, stay beautiful, I love you all!

Elder Davies

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