Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week 16 - Metro Rides and David Archuleta

A "pre-mission" picture of Kelson taken by our neighbor Kenadee Covington

Hey Everyone!

IT'S MARCH ALREADY! It is absolutely insane how fast the time goes on the mission when you are working hard! Things are super great here! Mexico!

On Wednesday we had my first Zone Conference, that was very incredible. I learned so much about how I can teach more effectively and help more people come to know and accept this, the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. On the way to the Zone Conference, we met this super cool guy named Cesar from South Africa. He knew Spanish but he made me and the other Elders with us speak English to him, and side note, I love South African Accents. Okay, quick detour...THE METRO!

Mexico City Metro (Picture from
So the Metro is a 45 year old train that runs all over the Federal District and a little part of the State of Mexico where we are. It is pretty old, but really not as nasty as you'd think. It's a little worse. Just kidding, not that bad. But in the morning around 8 when EVERYONE is going to work in the Federal District it is a madhouse getting on the Metro. At every stop, people literally just help shove another couple people in because if not, we'd never get on. It's AWESOME! It's also super hard to get OFF the metro, fun story.

Mexico City Metro - Rush hour: "PUSH!"
Crowded Mexico City Metro Ride (from Youtube)
Also people will sell all day in the Metros because its 5 pesos to get on and you can move in between whatever trains you want once you're in! 5 Pesos is like 40 cents roughly, so good deal. People sing, people dance, people do theatrical skits, everything you can imagine on the Metros, it's a cool place.

Metro Performers in Mexico (from Youtube)

Anyway, so this morning we were waiting to get shoved on the Metro and we started to talk to this African guy and he asked what our church was all about! So I talked to him about the Restoration and he was a little shocked. I think he was expecting that we couldn't answer him when he asked, "What makes you Mormons different from all the other churches?" I gave him a pamphlet and he said he'd read it. We kept talking as we pushed our way onto the metro and then that's when it got awesome. So he started singing randomly, and it was like some movie! One second we were talking about the Gospel then he broke into song about the Lord! It was like Alex Boye status, super beautiful and super great! He was a good man and I hope he will take the time to learn about what God has once again restored to the earth.

Oh, by the way David Archuleta was here like a week ago Friday and spoke/sang to all the youth in a big stake activity, I didn't get to go but everyone said it was really good. He came with one of the actors in Meet the Mormons to promote the youth to bring their family and friends to see the Movie. I have no idea how the movie is doing, but I hope it is having some success!

David Archuleta greets fans in Mexico City Feb 19, 2015
at the premier of "Meet the Mormons" movie in Mexico City

"Blast from the past" Here is Kelson with David Archuleta in Nauvoo in 2009
David was at the height of his popularity and Kelson got to meet David and got this picture
This week I've been studying the difference between a testimony and true conversion to the Lord. A testimony is something you know, such as that God Lives or that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Conversion, however, is very different. Although conversion often springs from the base of our testimonies given us by the Holy Spirit, very often we are content with our testimonies and forget, or due to laziness procrastinate our path to true conversion. In Alma chapter 19:33 we see a people who had strong testimonies, but more importantly had deep, powerful conversions unto the Lord, a conversion so deep that their very desire to do evil was completely eradicated. We see the same thing in Mosiah 2:5 with the people of King Benjamin whose hearts also underwent such an enveloping, true conversion that it would be all but impossible to take them away from their Lord. My hope and prayer is that we may all continue, and if not continue start, our paths of Conversion to the Lord Jesus Christ so that when hard times come, when Satan works his very hardest to take us off the path that leads to our Father, we will not fall nor waiver because of the depth of our conversion to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I love you and I hope you know I'm working very hard out here to be the best missionary that I can be. You are all in my thoughts and in my prayers!

Elder Davies

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