Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 14 - Transfer avoided - "New "Mexican Moments"

Hey everyone!

So this week and a half has been totally awesome! So we had transfers this week and GUESS WHAT!!!!!! Nothing happened! I get to stay with my companion! One of the Elders in our District finished his mission and went home to Nicaragua on Saturday, so we were in a trio with his companion that stayed until transfers. That was super fun! Oh also I'm not being trained anymore! Wahoo! And I hit my 3 month mark this past week, time sure does fly here. It's pretty insane!

So I want to start this thing that I will call Mexican Moments because I just have these wonderful, beautiful moments here sometimes that I just don't know how to classify....well I didn't until I created Mexican Moments. So I have two very prominent ones that I will share with you all today!
This is a Tianguis "Tent Market" in Guerrero, Mexico similar to the one Kelson is talking about
(picture found here:
First of all...on Valentines day they had this giant "Tianguis" (Greg: an open air bazaar or market) which is where everyone decides to put up a tent thing on the busiest road they can and traffic just kinda stops for a couple days, so that's really cool. But the REALLY neat thing was how everyone wanted power for music and light but they were in the what do you do, right? Just cut open the lamp post and splice a bunch of wires to the raw power inlet! There were at least 10 extensions coming out of the lamp post super sketchily all taped up and stuff....and that split up to I think at least 50 individual little stores. GENIUS! SOOOO sketchy but oh so brilliant!
This is what Kelson was talking about - A bicycle that is also a whetstone that sharpens knives!
(courtesy of

Next Mexican Moment was as I was walking to an appointment with my companion and we walked past this guy sharpening knives with his bicycle. Yes I typed that correctly. So this guy when he wants to stop riding his bike and start sharpening knives for people stops, then props up the back of the bike, turns his seat around, puts a belt around his back tire that is attached to a rolling wetstone type thing and pedals/sharpens. That is super cool.

OH! Also when I went to the area of the other Elder I saw something shining and beautiful from a distance and lo and behold it was A GUY IN A BYU SWEATSHIRT!
Kelson saw this random street vendor with a BYU Shirt.
One of the "Mexican Moments" he loves

I got Soooooooo stoked so we went and talked to him and I for some reason had my camera so I got this gnarly picture with my new favorite street vendor! I told him that was the university I was going to attend and he just laughed and was a little confused at first but then got really stoked with me, so that was good. I am gonna attach a picture of this beautiful moment! That reminds me of when my parents came to Mexico for a business convention for my dad and they met a guy with a BYU hat! Okay I guess that is a third Mexican Moment!

So our investigators are progressing well, we are just working on finding new ones and getting the ones we have to come to church! Keep praying for them and that their families will have soft hearts and support them. A LOT of people here really get upset at their children, siblings, parents, and even grandparents if they choose to start listening to us, so that makes things super hard.

The Church is True! Jesus Christ is our Savior, and he loves each and every one of us. The more I learn about His Gospel, the more I realize what I DON'T know and don't understand. But that is the beauty of this life and this Gospel, as the hymn "If You Could Hie to Kolob" teaches so beautifully, "There is no end to Wisdom; There is no end to Light." I encourage you all to continue learning about and coming to know our Father in Heaven and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. In their words and teachings every honest seeker of truth will be filled with knowledge and understanding.

With much love,
Elder Davies
Stray dogs following them home at night :P

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