Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week 8 - A New House! Water Everyday! No Bucket showers!

Hey all you people that I love!!

Wow things are just so great here! I was just on the metro today coming back from a lunch we had with some other Elders and I realized that I can speak I can understand what people are saying and respond and teach and everything! There are some moments and specific conversations where I get lost...but like oh my goodness I speak Spanish!! When did that happen? Wow the Church is true!!

Elder Rodriguez & Elder Davies at Christmas
So here on the 6th of January they celebrate the 3 Kings or Wisemen bringing the gifts to the Child Jesus. I didn't really know how big a deal this was until after Christmas I realized Christmas didn't stop...and everyone was still selling everything and partying but now things have slowed down! So guess what the 3 Kings brought me?? A RUBIK'S CUBE! And a house. (Note from Greg... they didn't get to move into the new house as of 1/13/14... waiting for a member with a truck to move the beds and stuff!) So the other Elders in our ward both were changed to other areas (we had changes on Tuesday, that's why Pday is today) because they having to close some areas and open others because of how many missionaries we have or whatever, so now we are working in the area of the other missionaries (which is very nice) and also in our area. We are going to move to their house! And guess what? THEY HAVE WATER! EVERY DAY!  And  you aren't gonna believe this, but they have a boiler too. You have to turn on the shower for 30 seconds and off for a minute to keep it warm, but I am so grateful! Wow I'm stoked. Also they have a stove so I'm gonna cook some stuff! It's been hard because we have one electric boiler in our old house and we use it heat up the water for the showers, so I hardly ever have time to cook eggs or pancakes (they call them hot cakes here because why??). So guess what I did today. I went to Sam's Club and bought my comp and I a membership and a GIANT bag of Hot Cakes. I'm so excited.

So because the water is like poisonous we drink water out of this giants jugs called Garrafones and they cost like under a dollar to switch and we have four so we are switching them like every 2 weeks or so...and right now we have an investigator who works at a water filling place so we got to go help here clean and fill them which is so sweet! The water is pretty clean, so I'm all for that.

We had a blast on New Years! We had to be home at 9PM and go to bed but still it was so fun! We ate with a member and it was SUPER good. I was thinking about my  year (2014) and what I accomplished and what I wished I had have done...I graduated High School and went on a Mission. I did a lot of other cool, fun things too, but really I mean that's a pretty good year right? Then I thought about 2015! I get to dedicate this WHOLE year to serving the Lord. I only get part of 2014 and 2016, but 100% of 2015 I will be helping others come unto Christ! How cool is that? I am so excited.

Our investigators are progressing and we are searching for new ones, we are working hard to kinda raise this area from the dead and hopefully it will be self-sustaining soon and when we leave. I hope I can stay here for a long time, there is so much work to do! Pray for Alma and Omar, still have troubles with their family not wanting them to be baptized.

Mexico City Temple is in the Mexico City East Mission Boundry
So Meet the Mormons came out in Spanish in the Visitor's Center so we were SOOOO excited to take our investigators there and then Salt Lake called and said don't show it yet! AHH!! I guess it's gonna come out in theaters here so that's cool!
I just love the food here so much. I'm gonna get so fat because I am eating so much and and sometimes it's so good I can't stop. I had gorditas for the first time and I'm gonna turn into a gordita because of them. On Saturday we had breakfast at a restaurant called California which has a sweet Buffet. It's like a Village in, Mexican Style. But they had hot cakes, so that was cool!

The ONLY thing I love more here than the food is the people who make it for me. The people here are so giving and loving and I love it! Even people who really aren't interested in our message offer food and drinks! Such great people I am so blessed to be able to serve. I'm learning so much every day and wow the time is flying! I only have 6 more weeks of my training! Elder Rodriguez is great. He was the Assistant when I got here so he knows how to work. I think we work well together, we don't waste time and we can also have some fun!
Sunset over Mexico City!

Well until Monday my friends and family, I love you all and I know this Church is true! The Book of Mormon is the word of God and I encourage you all to study and ponder in the teachings of Christ found in the book!

Elder Davies

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