Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week 7 - Happy New Year / Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Hey everyone!!

How was everyone's Christmas?! Thanks so much for all the letters, I loved it! And it was so sweet to get to talk to you on Skype Family!! XD
So Christmas was exactly the same here as it is at home, just without my family, not the same music, and I'm just kidding it was nothing like Christmas at home! But I loved it! It was the best! :)

I sang at 3 Christmas parties this week, so that was cool! My body and voice got better each day, so my activity was last so I was glad I was feeling pretty much better by then! I love singing. I feel so blessed that I have been able to continue to share music which I love so much to share messages about Christ! That's really what this season is all about, and because of Christ, every day we should be celebrating his birth. He is the greatest gift of all time and a gift that wasn't given, but a gift that continues every day in our lives. I invite you all to come closer to Christ by reading the Book of Mormon and praying. He literally can and should be your best friend! I have learned so personally the reality of this relationship as I've been here, working all day to serve him.

Alma and Omar were ready to be baptized Sunday, but Saturday night conflicts with the family arose and to keep the peace, Omar (10 years old) went with his godparents to Queretaro which is in another state! Alma really wanted to be baptized with Omar who also really wants to be baptized, so please pray for them that all will work out! They are so ready and want it so bad, just need hearts to be softened in the family.

My companion got really sick the 24th and because of the extreme pain he had, he went with President and another missionary to the hospital. It was raining so much on the 24th, so that didn't help at all! I went and skyped my family and then after teaching a lesson went to switch the Elder that was with my companion in the Emergency Room. They got his pain all under control and turns out he had an infection from food he had eaten, but they were able to give him medicine and he is doing so much better now! We left the ER at 11:45 and there were NO taxis!! It was just raining and I was just loving life, honestly! I loved it. It reminded me of so many memories with Skylar when we would always just go walk around and talk in the night, rain or snow, and it really was awesome. That was my frist Christmas present this year, that beautiful experience! At 12 I told my companion Feliz Navidad and we both just kinda laughed as we were in the middle of nowhere with no taxis (that would take us home anyway) in the rain, but eventually we payed one a ton and he took us not to far away to the house of one of the Zone Leaders of another Zone. We spent the night there, that was cool to have a bed and not be in the ER for the night like I thought might happen!

On Christmas day we went to eat with a Recent Convert of the other Elders in the Ward and that was AWESOME too! The light went out, so by Candelight we ate, talked, and I got to play with Legos! One of the little boys that was visiting there got this sweet Lego car and he had no idea how to build it so I helped him! Actually, I built it twice, so that made me happy! I received one package before Christmas and that was from McKayla so that night I got to open that and that was awesome! Thanks so much for that, made my day! :) Also mom sent some stuff when I left including a pillowcase with Frozen's Olaf which my companion and I are now using and loving! Thanks Ma! Elder R. Printed a cool picture of us and I got him a little speaker he can use with his flash drive :) Great day!

Christmas kinda didn't ever stop...so that was weird a little at first...then I realized they have a day of the three kings and some people actually don't get presents from Santa, they come from the 3 kinds like the night of the 5th of January to open the 6th. Sweet! I am waiting on a couple other packages so I will hopefully get them and open them then :)
Today for Preparation Day Elder R and I went to the only really "touristy" type place in our mission, and that was so cool! I was dying though...because they have this giant square that is JUST outside the mission and they had AN ICE SKATING RINK! And it was FREE! I could actually see it from where we were eating in this tall building, I'll send pictures.Haha I'll get to do that in 20 months I guess....Yeah this area though we visited was SUPER cool, I loved it!

Randomly got interviewed in the street because I spoke English by a student and so that was fun! Apparently that's really common, they always look for white missionaries! Also met two guys from New York, not LDS but asked if I was from SLC! They had clearly seen the BOM Musical but thy were so cool and really respectful and wished us luck in spreadin' the good word!

Contacted a family on the street and they asked what we could do for the sick so we I got to give my first blessing in Spanish and that was so cool! I had no idea what I was saying! After the son offered a prayer and he was pretty emotional and thanked the Lord for some of the things I had said and I can honestly they just weren't from me! So cool. I love the mission!

Well I hope you all had a great Christmas. I love you all and think about you lots! Have a very happy new year!

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PS So this is Sari and she is 8. She painted this. Wow. I got to witness her baptism a few weeks ago! She is awesome!


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