Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 9 - I'M IN MEXICO!! Like, I live here! How nuts is that?

View from Elder Davies' Apartment Window
Hey all you lovely people!

I'M IN MEXICO!! Like, I live here! How nuts is that?! Like sometimes I'm just like walking down the street and I just start laughing because this place is awesome! It is literally a world apart from Utah!! (Okay not literally a world, like half a continent is all).

So a little info on our investigators, we have a lot here but the hard thing is getting them to come to church because they work and its like a 20 minutes walk from our area in Lago. We were pretty disappointed last week when all of our investigators said they couldn't come so we kept going to everyone's houses before church inviting everyone but no one was there!! I felt like we should go see this one lady and invite here and we did and guess what!!! She didn't come! But that was okay, because we had gone to see her we had to take a taxi to church and we talked to the taxi driver, he said he had always wondered about our church, we invited him, and he stayed for sacrament meeting! And his name is Alfredo! The Lord works in mysterious ways and when we are
working we are blessed :)

Preparation Day Trip

This week in church we had 5 investigators, so that was great! We found this guy and his sister, and also their family, and they are super awesome! He (Immanuel) is super interested and has so many good questions and he is so awesome! We put a baptismal date for him and his two younger siblings for the 8th of February and I know he can be ready by then to be baptized! The rest of our investigators are just kinda waiting on a couple lessons and times that they came to church. They have a minimum of 5 times to church unless we get permission from President, so it can be a long process, but we are making progress!

I gave my first talk in church yesterday! I wrote a little outline thing but then I just didn't really follow it at all because I realized this is what I talk about all day now hahaha it was awesome!

So another one of our investigators is married to a guy who was baptized like 15 years ago but is less active, but he is sooo cool! He makes like professional, huge like costumes! Like no suits! Like a giant Olaf! Or the Minions! They are SOO cool! I'll get you some pictures of those :) His name is Pepe and is married to Liliana (Our investigator).

Street Performers (P-Day)
Today we had a zone activity and played some games, that was awesome. After we went to Walmart and Demons by Imagine Dragons was on and that was cool! They sure have made it big, little band from Vegas who have a couple mormons! Also there was this giant curved 4K TV and it was showing places in Utah as we walked by and that blew my mind. Wow family you live in one of the most beautiful places in the world! Go outside for me ;)

Also in the Visitor's Center they have a video about a family and it is filmed in St George in what I think is Red Cliff's so that is always super fun :) It's a nice little piece of home when we go there :)

Missing friends back home
So the coolest thing I saw today was a lady with a cane thing (like a shepherd!) and she was walking through these treess and behind her were like 6 little dogs all with their own little sweaters and she was calling them and she was following. I was kinda confused and still am but it was really cool/weird! You herd those puppies!!

Well we still haven't moved to our new house, waiting on a truck to help us out in the ward, hopefully soon :) I love you all and thank you for the Birthday wishes!! Make good choices and the Church is True :)

Elder Davies

Mexico City Street on Preparation Day
Street Performer in Mexico City

Tourist Area of Mexico City on Preparation Day

Looking at pictures (then going to work :)
Splits with another Elder?

View outside Temple Square in Mexico City

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