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Week 11 - Juan' Baptism and LOTS of pictures!

Juan's Baptism!
Hey everyone!  (LOTS of pictures at the bottom of the post!)

So today has been just an awesome week! Martha got confirmed yesterday and also a young an we've been visiting, Jonathan, that had the cell phone antennae on top of his house, remember? Well we thought he was a less active member, turns our he WASN'T a member! He got baptized 6 years ago but was never confirmed! So we got to confirm him yesterday too! He's been waiting a long time for the gift of the Holy Ghost! haha :)

Martha's Confirmation Sunday
So in visiting Jonathan a lot we got to know his friend, Juan, who is 14 (Jonathan is 16, lives alone). We started teaching Juan little by little and after teaching the Restoration with him at the Visitor's Center we decided to invite him to be baptized. We put a date for February so he could come his 5 times to church that is required here before baptism and he said does it have to be this date? Thinking he wanted to wait, we said no, when do you want to baptized? Can't it be this Sunday? After asking him a few times if he was serious, he said he felt something very strongly that he needed to be baptized and that this was true. Like Becky Laird from the Nauvoo Pageant, he told us how he had a feeling, and if there was a baptismal font full of water right then and there, I'm sure he would have dragged us into it right then and there! We got permission and he was interviewed and Baptized yesterday after the church services! It was such a cool experience! He is a great young man and his parents, although they didn't come to his baptism, supported him enough to sign for him! He is such a cool kid! Also Queztalyn is preparing to be baptized next week, as long as she can get good support from her parents (she's 17), she is so ready to be baptized! We are working with her family too!

I got to go with Elder Rodriguez to the Young Womens New Beginnings after church, and it was so amazing. Martha was up there with them and she shared a very powerful message about Responsibility and her divine nature as a daughter of God. That hit me so  hard, and I was so happy to see her now knowing who she is!

View from the Bus on a P-Day Trip
We had an awesome Family home evening with our investigator Lili and her husband who is a member but hasn't been to church since his early childhood! They were crying and told us that they were having some really hard problems and then we showed up and they have expressed how the Gospel has changed their life and marriage! They have the cutest little kid named Paco that is like 9 months old. Ah. 

I know this is the work of the Lord, and there is so much of it here! The time is going by so fast it's scaring me! I feel like just a week ago I was leaving home and entering the MTC, but I'm about to finish my training in 3 weeks! I hope I can stay with Elder Rodriguez another transfer, we work very well together!

Kelson's Brother Braedon's "Photoshop"
Saying "Happy Birthday!"
I know this is the Church of the Lord. God lives, and he loves every one of us! We are his children, and all he wants is for us to be able to be like him and return to live with him. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and anyone who reads it, ponders the teachings in this book, and asks God with a sincere heart and real intent can know if it's truthfulness too. This book has changed my life, and surely it can change yours. The Savior Jesus Christ lives and through him we can all be made whole. I love you all!

Elder Davies

Elder Rodriguez got Kelson a Birthday cake "Felicades" means
"congratulations" and is also used for occasions like birthdays, etc.

District meeting birthday picture with Kelson (January 13th is his birthday)

These heads are used by street performers. Elder Rodriguez is posing as "Olaf."

Kelson gets a turn being "Olaf" from Frozen

Martha's Baptism last week

Martha's Baptism

Martha's Baptism

A typical street in Mexico City East Mission

P-Day excursion - On the bus on the way to a mountain hike

View from the Bus on the way to a Mountain Hike on P-Day

View from the Bus

View from a tower on top of the Mountain in Mexico City

Tower on Mountain outside of Mexico City

District Elders

Kelson (sitting way too close to the edge of the tower railing!!!)

Looking over Mexico City from the tower on the mountain hike

Looking down from the tower on the Mountain Hike

View of some District Missionaries

Looking over the "Field of Service"

Kelson "Thumbs Up"


Elder Davies & Elder Rodriguez at the Mexico City Temple

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