Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 10 - Martha's Baptism & Kelson turns 19!

Hey everyone!

I had my first baptism this week and it was incredible! I had the opporunity to baptize Martha who is 13 years old and is so awesome! In December my companion and I found her and her family in the street as we walked by their tienda (little store) and stopped to help them tie up the tarp that covers what they sell.

Martha's Baptism

After Martha's her mom began to cry and she told us that she and her husband had been baptized many years before but felt very neglected and hadn't been to church in years. We came back that night and taught the whole family and that's when we learned Martha had never had the chance to hear the Gospel! We taught her and she was so well prepared and so ready to make this covenant with the Lord. It has been so great to get to know her and her family! My comp and I took turns every day being sick and that was pretty terrible, but we didn't stop working and the Lord truly has blessed our efforts!

I also got older this week! And got to move into our new house that has this incredible new technology hot, RUNNING water! It is soooo cool. Do they have that in the states?? On my birthday we got to eat dinner with a member here named Hugo and that was so cool. He is a great guy and has his own business selling auto fasteners, so I had fun talking to him about that. My companion bought me a cake and suprised me with it during District Meeting and then they all song a song I had literally NEVER heard before that I guess was Happy Birthday but wow I never asked...I probably should do that!

We got to wash our laundry at a members and hang our clothes on the roof top and wow the rooftops in some places here (including this place) are soooo cool and I just wanted to go Prince of Persia on that things so bad...but I didn't which is probably really really good!
Kelson Hiking on P-Day
Today for P-day we got permission to go and hike the San Andres Hill here in our mission and oh man was that cool! It was about a 2 hour hike up and it is the exact opposite there than the city which was so nice! I miss the open space of Southern Utah so that was so nice to get to spend some time in nature! Nature is beautiful everywhere. At the top of the hill there is a giant tower and you can see just millions (literally) of houses and it is just breathtaking. I definitely want to get to go back there soon!

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! I wish I could get back to each and every one of you but you know how little time we have :) Sure do love you all! Pray for Queztalyn, she is preparing to be baptized and I hope she can in the next couple weeks! Also Miguel, Immanuel, Dulce, David, and Juan. 

Elder Davies

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