Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 4 - 1st Sickness & other such fun

Date: December 8, 2014
Area: Bosques - 1st Area
Companion: Elder Rodriguez from Mexico

Hey all you lovely people!

How are you all?? Wow things are so great here. I absolutely love the mission!

Elder Rodriguez is from Mexico - Trainer
So first off I got sick this week. Every single Elder from the states just smiled when we talked about it because they remembered the days! I don't think I got sick from eating something specific...I just think just kinda everything all togther. It's SOOO hard because I love the food here ALLLLL the food but my companion has wisely had me take it easy on the foreign food so I can stay better. I was only sick for like 3 days, I feel lots better now so don't worry mom :)

Soooo weirdest thing I've eaten (which isn't even that weird) is fried pig skin. I guess that's like a common snack here. They fry it in oil till it expands like a sheet of popcorn and it really doesn't taste bad, it just doesn't taste good either! Haha.

So when I was sick they said to drink something with electrolytes so I was ordering Gatorade at one of the tiendas and I ordered it all in a Spanish accent then I just said Gatoride like a white guy and he looked kinda confused but reached over and told me it was $8 (like 50 cents) so I was pretty stoked that it was cheap, but he brought out a little can of Gerber's baby food hahahaha so we all laughed awkwardly because we weren't sure who's fault is was for the order not being understood correctly and it was like twice as much but it's cool :) I thought that was funny!

Greg here: I actually pulled this off of Google Maps
from the street Kelson's Apartment is located. HAHA!
So I have had so many super cool super spiritual experiences this week! I can't even begin to tell them all so I will just share one cool story. We eat lunch with the members (HA! I don't feel good about calling it lunch because it's at like 3PM) and it's always super great, might I add. On our way to meet the Sisters in our Ward to eat with a family in our area my companion and I were passing a mom and daughter putting up their little tienda to sell Candy and the daughter was trying to tie up the tarp they use as a cover on the bars over one of their windows and couldn't reach, so I asked if I could help! I tied it up and I my companion looked over and her mom and she was crying! He asked her why she was crying and she said, "We're members..." Apparently thy were baptized a few years ago and had felt neglected and forgotten and said the missionaries had walked passed many many days and never stopped so we quickly made an appointment to stop by later that night to share the "He is the Gift" video the church has put out and invite them to come back to church. Anyway, long story short we started sharing and teaching and found their 13 year old daughter isn't a member! So we invited her to be baptized and we have a date for her on the 21st of December! I was stoked. I was pretty much flying on my home with my companion, it was awesome. It really strengthened my testimony of following promptings of the Holy Spirit and how it's not always a matter of a voice in your head yelling at you what to do, but more often being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing and just follow your own little thoughts, no matter how simple, because if you are living right, these little thoughts ARE the Spirit. David A. Bednar teaches us a lot to stop worrying about if it's the Spirit or not. If it's good and you're living good, it IS the Spirit.

Sunday morning was SUPER foggy, like my companion has never seen here! It was FREEZING and you could hardly see across the street. We had investigators (Alma and her son Omar) that were going to come with us and we were worried they were going to bail on us because of the cold, but sure enought they came! And they had been traveling home from another State last night until 3AM and still came to our 8AM church! I am excited for them!
Leaving the Apartment... Smog much?

In the Taxi last night the song Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton came on and I started crying a little bit because that is the song my Dad used to play to me and my brothers all the time! They were happy tears :) Gosh do I love that song!!!

So there are power lines just hanging everywhere here and people sometimes splice the power lines straight to metal wire making their own electric fence and that is super sketchy! We are told not to touch ANY and it's kinda hard because they are hanging everywhere in the street! Sketch!!

I am starting to print off everyone's emails so I can read them during the rest of P-day and email back hopefully soon! I read ALL of your emails and I will try to respond to as many as possible! Thank you all so much for the love and support, it really does help more than you could ever imagine!


Elder Davies

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