Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 2 - Arrival in Mexico!

Date: November 26, 2014
Area: Bosques - 1st Area (and Mission Home)
Companion: Elder Rodriguez from Mexico


I arrived to Mexico on Monday night around 5pm and was greeted by the mission President, his wife, and the Assistants. And I am so sorry right off the bat this keyboard is crazy! SOOO hard to use! There's not really a working backspace so work with me here... Our
first night we stayed in the mission which is like the nicest house I'm going to see for the next 2 years. My trainer is Elder Rodriguez from 2 hours south of here and he was one of the Assistants that greeted me! He was trained for two transfers and ever since has been training or being an assistant, so he's a pretty great missionary!!
Mexico City is surprisingly just like the MTC except it's full of millions of people who speak a different language then me, it smells different, the food is different, the drivers are absolutely insane, and also it's completely different from the MTC in every other way. Other than that,
it is IDENTICAL! I absolutely love it here! Let me tell you about the drivers for a minute. So pretty much they just never stop and there aren't any controlled intersections. You just push your way through, my kinda driving. People are cutting off buses, buses cutting off people,
and random dogs running everywhere. The bus drivers are literally insane. They just keep going sometimes scraping other cars and buses until they slow down or speed up. We've almost died many a time here, and I have yet to be here 72 hours. Wahoo!!

With Mission President & his Wife
My companion and I are re-opening an area here called Bosquez (Means Groves.) There was a companionship doing a little work for 3 weeks, but they are moving to another part so we will be the only ones here. It's kinda crazy because the area was closed because an Elder kissed a young girl here, so there are definitely some hard feelings here, but we will do our best. The Elders before us had set 2 baptismal dates, so we are just working on
teaching them now. Today we got an Extra P-day to move into our new apartment which is AMAZING! Let me tell you about it. It reminds me a lot of home, the only differences are it is really small, 3 levels up the most sketchy stairs ever seen by the eyes of mankind, there is a
window where we can literally see into the all the neighbors apartments,and the shower-bathroom is one small room with no division between shower and toilet, so it's hard to remember what I went in there to accomplish.

Anyways, we spent the morning cleaning and then we went to WALMART! WAHOO! That exists! It's exactly the same as WalMart at home except for everything is like $300 and I'm like WHAAAAT?! Then I remember it's in Pesos and then I'm like WHAAAT?! That's such a good deal! We bought lots of cleaners because our bathroom smells kinda like a rotting sewer (because it literally is one). We didn't have water but we had enough to pretend to shower this morning, so that was a cool thing.

Okay enough sarcasm this place is great! I'm in a little internet cafe of 4 old computers
and people are kinda watching me type because there isn't much else to do...I hope they can't read English. I've only got to teach 2 lessons since we started working last night, but we have a few planned for tonight. I'm so pumped to do this! It's crazy that we are kinda starting from nothing, but I feel like that'll help me a lot as I learn all this.

My testimony has grown so much in the past two weeks, I can't even believe it. Looking around here if this wasn't true I would be on a plane so fast coming to the States, but I
know it is and because it is, I want everyone to know about it. I want everyone to know that families can be together forever!
I have another P-day Monday (Dec 1, 2014) so you'll probably be hearing from me again then! Love you all!

Elder Davies

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