Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Wow this week has flown by!

I LOVE MEXICO! I seriously can't believe how fast the weeks are. This week on Tuesday I ran into Elder Daniel Patterson, a friend from Bingham who is headed to LA on his mission but is in the MTC here. That was CRAZY! He was shopping at the store on temple square and I heard his voice and I grabbed his shoulder and was like "Elder Patterson?!?!?!?!". That was awesome.

I've learned a lot this week, like I do every week. This week I'm grateful for tender mercies from the Lord. He gives them to me EVERY day. Whether it be a sunset, a friend, a scripture, or simply a feeling, the Lord knows exactly what I need and gives it to me exactly when I need it.

This week a lot of people celebrated the Virgin Guadalupe so there were TONS of fireworks...They are all like mortars so like shaking all the houses and stuff so it's kinda nuts how accustomed I am to random giant explosions really close to me. They do them all during the days too...not sure why. Actually, yes I am because they are FIREWORKS! They are AWESOME!

I got to go on splits twice this week, and that was cool. It's fun to get to work in other areas and get a taste of each missionaries unique approach to missionary work. That is one thing about the mission I love and am still discovering. We all have rules to obey, but within the rules we can use our personalities, talents, and creativity in the work. Still working on figuring out what my techniques are, but I'm getting there!

Sooooo I accidentally talked to my parents on the phone this week...So I got to go with all the new Elders to Polanco to get our Visas for the next year and after we were finished we returned to the Mission office. The phone rang and the Elders that can speak both Enlgish and Spanish were still in Polanco doing some paperwork, so a Spanish ONLY speaking secretary answered and after he realized they were speaking English in desperation handed me the phone! It took me a second of talking to them to realize it was my parents! Woah crazy. I answered their questions as quickly as I could (they were asking about what they could send, my companions first name, etc.) and then I was off! After they asked me who it was and I said it was my parents! We all got a good laugh, it wasn't a problem though because I took care of their questions and hung up so I didn't even need to repent ;) Sorry I didn't say I love you back, I do love you parents I just had to run! Haha! I'll talk to you on Christmas or Christmas Eve :)

When we went to Polanco, which is like super nice downtown area outside of our mission, we contacted EVERYONE with the cards! We took the metro which is like a giant old frontrunner FULL of people that need the Gospel so we just started singing hymns in the frontrunners then talking to everyone! It's sometimes hard to talk to everyone because it's pretty clear it's awkward for them or they think they don't wanna hear, but McKayla sent me a quote from a great Elder, Elder Tyler Brown which says, "I have learned that the person's salvation is so much more important than any rejection or feeling of shyness or whatever else would stop us from sharing." How true those words are! I even translated that to Spanish so I can share it with other missionaries! Thanks Elder Brown!

Along with the fireworks they had some CRAZY parties just set up in the streets! Huge speakers and our house was literally shaking hahaha it's always weird to here popular American songs remixed with mariachi, but I'm starting to get used to it! Haha :)

It rained for the first time this week...and it didn't smell better after the rain which was super weird...the streets are super dangerous here because there are like holes everywhere so in the rain it is even worse hahaha love this place!

I tried tripe dad! That stuff is crazy and wow right this very moment there is a random dog in the internet cafe and it is like licking my pants but its cute so I'm gonna let it stay here. His name is now Frederico. Oh, he's gone now. Goodbye, Frederico...

Hahahaha so something super funny here is when we talk about Christmas and the true meaning (Jesus Christ) we have to explain that it's not all about the fiestas and piñatas. Wow. I never thought I'd have to explain Christmas as now being all about the piñatas hahahaha.

Wow I just can't write all the things that have happened this week! Lots of people are willing to hear some of what we have to share, so we just pray their hearts will be open to recieve this message of happiness! That's really what it is all about it. I got to to the Visitor's center with some investigators Sunday night and while looking at the Christus and the universe painted behind it I saw the little earth we live on, and it was just behind the hand of the Savior. I felt so comforted in this moment that, yes we all have problems and struggles, pains and disappointments, but it's alright. We are in the palms of the Savior. Isaiah 49:16, "Behold, I havegraven thee upon the palms of my hands" I think think this has a very literally part in reference to the Savior's atoning sacrifice, that the marks of nails in his hands signify his love for each and every one of us! The Savior loves you all, I hope you know that!

Well I'm off for a another amazing week! I love this place. It is so different than home, but grateful for what you have, but more importantly remember what is waiting for all of you in the Kingdom of our Father.

Elder Davies

P.S. Remember, Christmas isn't all about the Piñatas.

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