Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 84 - Missionary Dolls? Yep. Dolls :)

A recent convert lady made missionary dolls for
Kelson and his companion. How cool is that?
Hello Friends and Family!

How are you all? Thanks for all the fun emails and pictures! Glad to see your happy faces!

This week was really busy but I´ll try to get you some of the highlights!

Yesterday Adriana was confirmed! We are really excited for her. Her daughter Arely already had her baptismal interview and passed, she just needs a little push from heaven to make the right choice and head to the water. Please pray for Arely and that she can make the right decision soon!

On Thursday the Relief Society did an activity for all of the Fathers in the ward and it was so much fun! We helped giving the message with a return missionary in the ward. They had a lot of fun minute to win it games for the fathers and some fun little things they gave to them. Right as we were ready to head home it started raining SUPER hard and we had to wait another 15 minutes. As we were waiting they started to dance and it looked so fun! My companion and I were just in the hall kinda watching and waiting for the rain to let up. They were dancing Salsa and it just looked like a blast! I had no idea how cool Salsa dancing is. Definitely gonna learn how to dance that when I get home!

On Friday morning we had a devotional with President as he is in his last days here in the mission. The devotional was really simple but beautiful. We all got to bear or testimonies and at the end President Anaya and his wife shared theirs and brief message. We will miss them a lot!

Okay, cool thing! We went to visit a sister in our ward named Janet who was baptized in December and guess what she had made us! DOLLS OF US!! I have no idea how she did it, I´ll attach a picture though because they are SO cool/funny! Also we showed them to a sister and she said, "Oh! Let me give you something too!" And she gave us knitted ties!! They are soooo cool! We wore them to church yesterday and we will also send pictures!

On Sunday we got to do divisions with some members to visit some families. I went with a return missionary named Martin and my companion got to go with our convert Faustino. My companion said Faustino was just so excited to talk to everyone and he told a few people to repent to be happy like he was! Haha! He also shared a really cool story in Elders´ Quorum about the day we had our first appointment with him. He told how on the way to the church on his bike he felt really sick and dizzy and tired so he just thought he´d go home but as he was turning around in his bike he shared how he thought it was a decision to either put his life in order or just keep running. He said he did a full circle and just kept on going to the church! When he got there he threw up a few times in the bathroom but after we gave him a blessing he said, "I have enjoyed wonderful health since!" He is such a great guy!

Well, that´s all for this week folks! I love you all and I hope you keep on working hard and keep those smiles on your faces!


Elder Davies

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