Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 83 - Adriana's Baptism & Sister Judkins... wait...what?

Elder Davies runs into Janessa Judkins at the Temple Visitors Center!
Janessa is from Kelson's home ward in St George, Utah and is currently
at the Mexico City Missionary Training Center

Hello friends and family!

This week was WONDERFUL! Yesterday Adriana was baptized! She has been progressing wonderfully and was so excited to be baptized. After her interview on Friday she told us she was really looking forward to receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Bishop baptized her and when she came out of the water she said, "Wow, that was so WONDERFUL!" Her daughter (Areli) and husband (Ruben) should be getting in the water soon! Pray for Ruben to be able to reach his goals with the Word of Wisdom.

Writing down things that need to change - then burning them :)
On Thursday I was in the Temple Visitors Center with an Elder on divisions when the missionaries from the MTC pulled up and flooded into the Visitors Center. Whenever that happens, I look through the American missionaries to find someone I know (which I ALWAYS do! or someone who knows me!). Guess who I found this time...JANESSA JUDKINS! She is heading to Los Angeles and is down here in the Mexico MTC! And guess what her companions name is? HERMANA DAVIES! That´s crazy, right?! Got to see Janessa and a distant cousin! It's a pretty small world when you're a Mormon, isn't it?

On Wednesday we had a zone class that was pretty great. We talked about the importance of following the Spirit in our teaching and a few other little topics along the way. At the end of the class we all made goals of things we wanted to do better as missionaries and then we burned them! I still love fire.

Today we went to the Centro with some other elders and we found these really cool wolf necklaces made of bone so we bought them! You always find the coolest stuff in Mexico!
From the web - Something like this?

Have a wonderful week and keep working hard everyone!!


Elder Davies

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