Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 80 - "Today is a good day to be baptized. The sooner, the better, right?" - Faustino.

Dairy Queen just opened up in their area!

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was WONDERFUL!! Faustino has been progressing a lot and had a baptismal date for the 29th of this month, but this last week he said he wasn't going to be able to come to church on Sunday because his family was going out of town and was going to go with them. We had been thinking moving his baptismal date forward a week but because he wasn't going to be able to attend church yesterday we decided we were going to have to stick with his first date, the 29th of May.

Faustino's Baptism
On Sunday morning we went early to the chapel to fill up the baptismal font for the Sisters who were going to baptize a young man named Cristian and as I was talking to my companion I realized that he had seen Faustino on Saturday afternoon (when we were on divisions with some Elders). That´s when I realized he hadn´t gone out of town! We called him and he said that he hadn't left town with his family because he wanted to come to church with us on Sunday! We called our Bishop and Mission President and got his baptism authorized for that day in the afternoon! The thing was we hadn't told him yet!

We called him at about 7:40 (20 minutes before church started) to invite him to get to the chapel a little early to talk and he got there in about 10 minutes. We took him into the room where we do the baptisms, said a prayer, and then we started reading Alma 7 to the sound of water filling up the baptismal font. After reading verse 15 we invited him to be baptized at 3PM and he thought for a second and said, "I think....today is a good day to be baptized. The sooner, the better, right?"

We went over the interview questions and Elder Boyle showed up at 9:15 to do his interview. But before his interview, something REALLY funny happened. We saw him walk out of the Bishop´s office with one of the High Councilman who was sort of laughing and we asked him what had happened. Turns out the High Councilman was interviewing future Elders to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood next week after the Stake Conference and had grabbed Faustino thinking he was a member. He saw that Faustino wasn't on the list of future Elders but he started chatting with him anyway until he asked, "So how long have you been a member?" and he said, "Oh, I´m going to get baptized at 3 o´clock today!" We got a good laugh out of that!

He passed the interview with Elder Boyle and got there nice and early for his baptism. He asked me to baptize him and it was a wonderful experience. I admire so much his faith and his willingness to follow Jesus Christ and keep his commandments.

Raul is a 12-year-old we have been teaching whose mom and sisters are less active members. He is doing VERY well! Actually, on Saturday he asked to come with us to visit all the people we are teaching so we got permission for him to come with us almost all day on Saturday! He should be getting baptized very soon!    

Today is 2 years since I graduated High School! Wow!! Time just flies So fast, I just can´t even believe it! We went today with Elder Tolli and his companion Elder Gutierrez to Plaza Arag√≥n and ate at Chili´s and the newly opened Dairy Queen there! Been a nice, busy day!

Things are going so well here in Mexico. I have come to love this country and this people so much! I know this church is true and that God lives and Jesus Christ is His Son.

With Love,

Elder Davies

Kelson says that this is a street market open in front of the church
each Sunday when they come :)

Street market by the church each Sunday

The Sisters had a baptism of the young man, and Kelson and his
companion were baptizing Faustino

The young man the Sister Missionaries taught

Another picture of the street market by the Church each Sunday

View of the street market through the gates of the church

A new Dairy Queen opened in Mexico City in their area!

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