Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 78 - Mother's Day, New Contacts and Elder Cux's Birthday!

Elder Davies at birthday party for companion Elder Cux (Koosh)

Hello Friends and Family!

HAPPY MOTHERS´ DAY YESTERDAY, MOM!! Sure do love you! You are definitely my biggest fan and my biggest writer every week, props!

Yesterday was my last phone call home EVER! After about an hour of technical difficulties we got Skype to work and had a nice little chat! Just an apology to my whole family I´m so sorry I was so awkward...I just don´t know how to talk to Americans anymore! And plus that whole hour of technical problems just kinda distracted me...but it´s okay, it was fun to see and talk to you all!

Elder Cux's birthday Party
This week my companion had his birthday on Tuesday! So I went and secretly bought him a cake before district class and we gave it to him at the end of the class. That day we went on divisions so I didn't really get to spend it with my companion but that was fun!

On some other divisions on Thursday I stayed with Elder Duran in my area while my companion did a baptismal interview with Elder Duran´s companion! The lady that was interviewed on Thursday and baptized on Sunday is named Jessica. I told you about Jessica about a month and a half ago, but I was with Elder Duran in his area on divisions and we walked passed Jessica and her son playing soccer. Her son was kicking and Jessica was being the goaltender. Wow, I thought that was so neat and I felt like I needed to contact her so I did. We talked briefly and put an appointment to see her later but I didn't realize just how great she really was till about a month ago when I saw her when Elder Oaks came to Mexico. She has a serious back problem and has a really hard time walking and can´t sit for a long time, but she goes to church and she plays soccer with her little boy. What a great mother!

Drinks given to them by members
When I was with Elder Duran this week a family gave us what they called "refrescos preparados" (prepared sodas). For those of you have been to Mexico know that those look EXACTLY like the beers they give out in the Tianguis with chili on the rim of the foam cup. We started walking down the street and decided we ought to leave them in a members house because even though it was just Sangria it looked like something else.  Actually some drunk people saw us and said, "Hey, don´t you fall over with that drink of yours!!" Haha.  Yeah we left it at the members house that was on the corner but we got some pictures first! Whoops!

On Sunday Gaby, Wendy, and Ariadna got confirmed in church! Later we went over to the Vazquez house to visit them and they had a cake and a poster they had made for my companion haha! Caught us both by surprise, but luckily for some reason I had my camera! Got some fun pictures of them! They are such a fun family there are just SO many of them I LOVE it!

Faustino is an investigator I think I told you about. He showed up two Sundays in a row to just the third hour of the block and we didn't get to meet him until the second Sunday but now we are teaching him! He is doing really well and he is loving everything!

We also have Aarón that we connected with last week! He was an investigator of some Sisters in another ward and never got baptized because his wife didn't want to get married.  Well it's a long story but now he is living alone in our area! So we have been working really with him and the Bishop and the Elders Quorum President to get him ready to be baptized very soon!

Ruben, Adriana, and Areli are doing well also! Ruben and Adriana came to church for the second time with us this week so we are excited for them! Areli still hasn't made it to sacrament meeting, but we will be working with her on that! They are doing well and progressing a lot!

Also we have a new investigator named Jaqueline that is also awesome! She could't make it to church but we are hoping to see her in the next couple of days and see how everything is.

This work is just so wonderful! I love being a missionary. Did you all know that? It´s just so wonderful! You get to be right in on the action of some of the coolest life-changing moments of so many people lives. That is just the greatest joy you could ever have!

I know this church is true and I know that by living what the Gospel teaches we find more joy than doing anything else in this life. I love you all so much!

Elder Davies

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