Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 79 - 18 Month Mark! Aaron's Baptism, Lots of Pics & Mexican Family Feud?

Aarón's Baptism
Hey there friends and family!

This week has been very eventful!

Yesterday Aarón got baptized! He is such an awesome guy! We received the referral to visit him 16 days ago and we found him in his house 14 days ago and look where he is now! He was so prepared and the Lord had everything set up perfectly from the old ward he went to to ours so that everything could work out! On Friday he asked me if I would baptize him! I love that man so much!

And Saturday was kind of eventful too! We had a couple appointments in the Temple on Saturday morning and we also had to give an English class, so we did divisions with Elder Todd and Elder Boyle. Well, turns out I ran into two girls from Utah named McKayla and Mariah Riddle! Ever heard of them?? How crazy is that?! McKayla and Mariah are teaching English in Puebla and will be here for a few months. Don´t worry, it was all #Kosher, I wrote my President about it this week too :) We took some pictures and then Aarón showed up for the tour in the Visitors´ Center. McKayla and Mariah brought a young man with them who is just getting to know the church so guess who we all got put in a tour with! Yep! We all got to go together! Pretty interesting stuff, right?

After being at the Visitors´ Center on Saturday we had our ward activity which was SO fun! We played what would be in America Family Feud (called Cien Mexicanos Dijeron in Mexico - which means "100 Mexicans Said") with some funny questions, some of which had to do with the church. Overall a REALLY fun activity, we had some investigators there and that was great! Adriana, Ruben, and Areli are doing really well as well, they love everything they are learning and they should be getting baptized really soon. Also Faustino and Diego are doing well but we need your prayers so they can keep progressing!

Thanks for all the wonderful emails and letters and for the love and support! I know this church is true and that God lives and loves us!


Elder Davies

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