Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 73 - General Conference, Tender moments and cool Magrath, St George & Mexico Connections!

Hello Friends and Family!

Wow. Wasn't that General Conference just incredible? I just didn't want it ever to end! I'm currently downloading the sessions in English so I can listen to them again! I remember when I was little my Mom would record the sessions on VHS tapes because she wanted to be sure that we had those wonderful teachings forever! I also remember when they started making conference available online but it would take a few weeks after conference to have it available to view or download. Now, the conference yesterday is already available! We are so blessed to have such direct access to the prophetic voices of the Lord´s servants.
Some members of the Vasques family

On Saturday we took some of the kids of the Vazques Family (the big family we are teaching) and they are coming along great! They came to both sessions on Saturday and one on Sunday! Wow! I have some pictures with them I will send.

Between then Saturday Afternoon and the Priesthood Sessions we went to visit Francisco whose wife is a member. He is a very successful businessman and the struggle we have with him is the appointments with him have been every 3 or 4 weeks due to his schedule. He came to the Priesthood Session and he loved it! We had taught him about the Plan of Salvation and President Eyring gave a BEAUTIFUL talk which mentioned part of what we had spoken to him about. After the session he told me it appeared what we had taught and what they had taught was planned and that he really enjoyed the session. He said we will be seeing him Sundays from now on! He accepted the invitation of his Brother-in-law to go to the special conference in 2 weeks with Elder Oaks. He still doesn't know what the conference is or who is coming, but I´m sure he will thoroughly enjoy it!

Sergio?  Between conference sessions
Sergio is doing great! He enjoyed conference as well! Elizabeth came with her cousins and it was fun to see so many people there.

After the sessions on Sunday we went to visit a non-member family that some members said we should visit. My companion went once before, but this was my first time. The family has a son named Rodolfo who is 15 years old. A few years ago, he developed cancerous brain tumors and since then his body has stopped growing and he is very weak. He doesn't speak, doesn't really move either. When we went to see him he was laying there with his eyes half open staring blankly up above him. We shared some scriptures in Alma about the resurrection and paradise, and I shared with him my testimony that he is a son of God and that God and Jesus Christ love him so much. I wasn't sure he could even hear me, but then my companion asked him, "How does that sound?" He slightly nodded his head. As we were leaving we took his hand to say goodbye and after he shook my companion's hand he took mine and just held it for a couple minutes. I could feel the greatness of his Spirit even though his body left him less than able to do all that he wished he could. It was a very sweet, tender moment I had with that young man.

Hermano Gerardo Sixto who worked in Magrath Alberta
Canada back in the early 70's. He worked and lived with
the Norton's there. He returned to Mexico and is now a
member of the church where Kelson is serving
Another beautiful thing this weekend was a talk I had with a brother Gerardo Sixto here who lived and worked for a few months in Magrath, Alberta Canada many years ago. We established a few weeks ago that he knew a family who my grandmother (Elizabeth Olsen) knows. Yesterday between conference sessions he talked to me about his experience there and the memories he has of little Magrath, Alberta. We figured when he was in that small town my Dad was a newly ordained Deacon living in the same town. It made me wonder if someday, somewhere they may have crossed paths. He talked to me of his work for the man he lived with (Brother Brent Norton, father of Claire Norton in Magrath) and some fun details like his trips to the barber shop or the (convenience store) and of the courtesy of the man who gave him work. He told me that just thinking or talking about Magrath gave him nostalgia and he felt so much love for and from this family. This is a small, small world we live in! (Note, Kelson's Dad here - I am posting Kelson's note as I sit in the home I grew up in here in Magrath, Alberta Canada on a quick trip to see my dear mother.  Gerardo Sixto lived with the Norton family here.  He was not a member then, but joined the church in Mexico after returning.  The Norton family here in Magrath is very interested in contacting this good brother again. They had no idea of his conversion!)

Elder Joseph Nygaard (Right) from St George.
Kelson & Joe were in a singing group together
at Desert Hills Highschool!
Speaking of a small world, remember Victor that was from my first area who we found, activated, and now he is on a mission? Today he arrived in the field to his mission in TorreĆ³n, and guess who his trainer is. None other than the famous Joseph Nygaard, one of my good friends from High School! I actually wrote Joseph a few weeks ago and told him Victor would be headed there and to keep an eye out for him. I had a funny feeling and the thought came to me more than once that Joseph was going to train him. The Lord works in mysterious ways! I testify of that!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week! If you didn't have the chance to enjoy all of the conference sessions I invite you to do so on


Elder Davies

P.S. For those of you still confused, the iPads we were going to receive were merely an April Fool´s Joke ;)

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